Not In A Million Years(Hunger Games story)

this is our verison of The Hunger Games.

By:Volleyballgirl527 & Msdoneasha13

Chapter 3

Never Had Breakfast Like This

Eris pov

i woke up to somebody knocking on my door telling me it was time for breakfast. i signed as i got up and got in the shower and saw that somebody left some clothes out for me. i signed as i put on the blue outfit and slowly made my way out my room.

i saw a Lady and she smile at me:follow me

i follwed her into a room where there was alot of other people from the district and i looked at every person until my eyes landed on the one and only. He looked at me and instantly stood up and walked over to me as i ran into his arms. He wrapped his ar,s around me and i signed as i hugged him tightly and signed.

I looked up into his eyes and he peck my lips and smile.



he smile as he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the table where everybody else were sitting. i looked and notice they were all staring at us. i looked down and signed. they probably wondering why we kiss or something.

I sat down and looked at the lady as she set a plate in front of me. i gave her a small smile and looked at Anubis. he grab my hand under the table and squeeze it. i signed as i stare at the food in front of me and instantly started eating. I never had a breakfast this good before. It was warm and fresh and everything.

Anubis-amazing breakfast

i nodded at him and kept eating. i saw everybody else were eating too but i saw this one girl who stood out. She was almost as calm as i was and she was the only other girl who didn't cried or her eyes were watery. the guy next to her had blue eyes and they were really cute eyes. i looked at Anubis and he was looking at me.

i stare up at his hazel eyes and he looked into my Light Brown eyes as i signed and i realize he didn't cry either like everybody else. so it was only 4 of us who didnt cry? 4 of us who was trying to stay calm? 4 of us who didnt show fear?

Eris-i don't want to fight you

Anubis-i know i don't want to fight you either

i looked at him and he was staring right back at me and i signed and looked down.

Eris-thanks for taking Shon place

Anubis-no problem

Girl-are you guys dating or something?

i looked at the girl and she her eyes were red and pluffy and everything. i signed as i looked at her unable to answered her.

Anubis-yes we're dating

girl-that must be hard having to face the person you really care about and whatnot?

Eris-dont you have something better to do than be all in our business?

Girl-don't you?

i glare at her and i knew the first perosn i was going after was her.

Anubis-what district are you from?

Girl-District 1, and you guys?


i looked at everybody just as a lady came in and i signed.

Lady-hello everyone, i hope your having a good breakfast

nobody said anything. Anubis squeeze my hand again and i took a breath.

Lady-well this is how eveyrthing going to happen. No fighting until we put you out in the field. your going to train together, learn to work together and live in this building together. Your going to get along with each other until you get out on that field thats when you can kill each other and ripped each other heads off and CRUSH EACH OTHER.

Eris whisphered-she's going insane

Anubis chuckle and shooked his head.

Lady-excuss me do you have a comment?

i looked at her and pointed at myself. she nodded and i smile and nodded.

Eris-i said your going insane about how you want us to kill each other

she frowned as i smile and signed.

Lady-as i was saying your going to have 1 week to train and everything before it offical. any questions?

Anubis pov

i signed as my insides were nerous and worry as ever. i still can't believe im here. I'm going to be part of the hunger games. Also i might have to fight my girlfriend. Was this really happening? i signed as i looked at Eris and shooked my head.

I can't believe she was here. A 16 year old here i looked and saw the youngest was a boy who looked like he was 12 years old. Than there was a girl who looked 12 also. i saw a few people was bigger than me and Eris.

How could they just make us kill each other for no reason. They can't keep getting away with this could they? i signed as i held Eris hand and she was showing no fear at all. so i wasn't going to shwo no fear either.

This breakfast was amazing though. i was loving every bit of it. I smile at the thought of there rich breakfast. I 'm sure nobody could afford anything like this out of none of the districts. i signed as i got a good looked at everybody. but for some reason that girl seem to be more entertain by me and Eris. i think she said she was from District 1? who knows.

I also realize that besides me and Eris that there was another set who was calm and showing no fear. While everybody else had red and pluffy eyes and whatnot. i didnt even pay attention to those who was asking questions. But i was just concerned about one thing and that was Eris protection.

If it came down to me and her fighting what will happen? Would i just let her kill me or what? I know i couldnt kill her at all. But could she killed me?

Lady-well get to know each others and whatnot

with that the lady left and i looked at everybody.

Girl-well im from distrcit 1 and my name is chloe, and this is shane.

and it went like that but i was more entertain with District 4 when it was there time to talk.

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