Not In A Million Years(Hunger Games story)

this is our verison of The Hunger Games.

By:Volleyballgirl527 & Msdoneasha13

Chapter 722

The End

Hope's Pov

I smiled as I stared at Shon. It had been three years and everything had just came together.

I smiled and kissed his cheek whispering, "We're almost of age- almost 18- so he can't get too mad from it."

I nodded as I felt him put his hands on my stomach again, knowing he was ready. I was ready too.

I leaned my head back against him purring, "And I love you too Shon- we'll have a large family- I mean we're addicted to each other."

Aqua's Pov

I smiled and stared at my friends that became apart of my family. Everything was perfect- or as perfect as it could have been. Everything was okay despite the normal drama that came from relationships- you know those little fights.
Eris and Anubis were married and had two kids.

Shon and Hope were inseparable- attached at the hip as they were approaching legal age.

As for Rory and I- we were happy- best friends, lovers, we were still going steady.

There was no rush for us- I knew we made it together almost for 20 years now- and there would still be a lifetime together.

That was our story- it all of our stories. We came together because of the games- when our society was broken- when so many people died.

However, we came together that would never happen again to anyone quite like it did for us- not even in a million of years.

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