Johnny Cade Love Story 2

PART 2!!! :D

Chapter 1


by: JadeCade
"What a nice name" I replied. Johnny blushed. "So where do you live so we can drop you off?" A hot guy who's name was Soda asked. I frowned. "I don't wanna go back there!! Why do you think I was wandering around and got jumped?" I snapped. "Yeah, my parents hate me too." Johnny looked really upset. I quickly changed the subject. "So where could I stay when my parents are being complete jerks, that's not unusual though." "I usually sleep in the lot, or at Ponyboy's or Two-Bi'ts house." Johnny said. I couldn't beileve I was about to say this, "Johnny could you show me around? I'm kinda new here". Two-Bit nudged Johnny and grinned. "Sure why not" I think that made him happy (me too). We walked out of the door. He showed me the drive-ins, his neighborhood, which we didn't live too far from eachother, everything. It wasn't that late, about 8 p.m. When we got back to Ponyboy's house and opened the door. Soda ran up to us so suddenly we both flinched. "C'mon! We're playing truth or dare". Johnny and I both sat next to eachother. Steve Said slyly, "OK Johnny, Truth or DARE!" "Dare I guess" Then Steve had a look on him that i almost wanted to slap him for. "I dare you and Angel to go in the closet for 5 miniutes" Johnny rolled his eyes. I said sarcastically, "Let's get this over with". We sat next to eachother in the closet, then he said, "We don't have to do anything if you don't want to" I didn't answer. Then I looked at him. We both leaned in to kiss...TO BE CONTINUED AGAIN :P

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