The Boy and His Doppelganger

The Boy and His Doppelganger

I never thought of being followed by evil, but now I understand. I'm not a kid anymore. I now know that there really is evil in the world. An adventure can be a journey, a boy can be a man, and a one boy, like me, can be two. Yes, two. You don't believe me? Just think. What would you do if you saw yourself... in evil form? Man, if I were you, I'd try to figure the damn thing out... and that's what I'm gonna do now... since I saw my evil self...

Chapter 1

It's Okay to Yell for Help

Drive the car. Stop at a red light. Wait. Sit there. Sigh for a moment. Look around. See a girl and her boyfriend in a smaller car, laughing together. Sigh again. Wish that was you. Where's your girlfriend? Where's your wife? Where's your children? They haven't joined your life yet, have they?
Green light goes on. Drive on. Keep driving until you see the bakery/coffee shop. Park the car on the side. Get out, and you smell the city air.
Well, this is me. Getting out of my black Volvo, smelling the city air, hearing lots of noises, people walking and talking, and here I am, all alone in my life, on a cloudy day, going to get some coffee and donuts. It might rain today, I think. But, you like the rain, don't you? I ask myself. You always liked it as a kid, and you surfed when you lived in Florida while it thunder stormed. Did people think you were crazy? Yes. Did people think you were completely nuts? Yes. And did people think you were totally insane? Hell, yes.
I sighed. Enough of this crap. I'm going in.
I head into the shop. It's busy. Mostly couples and workmen and work women are here, buying coffee and food, and sometimes either sitting down to have it, or just leave to go back to shopping or working. For me, I'm just gonna chill here for a little before I head home... or possibly go to the park.
I wait in line; I look around me. I see two old men talking about their younger days. They're talking about how they pretended to be soldiers who were old enough to join the army during 1944. I turned to look at a table that was high off the ground. A young guy, about my age, who wore a long sleeved white shirt and jeans, drank coffee and shared his donuts with his girlfriend. She smiled, laughed, and talked to him. I made a crooked smile. Dang, I wish that was me now. People always wondered what I wanted. Well, I wanted a job, and the most important thing: Love. Just basic, but true love.
It's my turn to order. The lady there is young, with golden blond hair and dark green eyes, almost as dark as her T-Shirt. She grins at me and says, "Hello, sir. What would you like today?"
I look at the menu. It's cold in here, but I'm not freezing, even in a black T-Shirt and blackish jeans. I look at her and say, "Just one coffee and a chocolate donut, please."
"Okay, that'll be $1.56." She says.
I pay her the money, and then I wait, my hands in my pockets.
The things I bought took only a minute. She handed them to me. "Here you go. Have a great day, sir!"
"Thanks." I nod, and head for an empty table across the room from the couple I saw. I had a similar table to them; high off the ground. I sit down and take a bite of my donut, then sip my coffee. I'm more thirsty then hungry, but I finish my donut first. Then, I sit there and watch people come in, order, sit, or leave. It's quite interesting to watch, especially when you're tired at six in the morning.
The couple leave. I watch as the guy nicely opens the door for the girl and they walk out, smiling and laughing. I groan and put my face on my arm, which is lying on the table. Ugh, why did I have to see that?
I get up and leave. I head out for my car. I unlock it, climb in, set the cup of coffee in the cup holder, close the door, start the engine, and I'm off. I drive and drive, but I don't want to get stuck, so I take a detour on a crappy street that I've never been on before. It's called "Doppelganger Drive". What the hell? I wonder.
I drive slowly on the crappy road. The buildings are trashed, the alleys are filled with shiit and a couple of cats scatter away as they hear my roaring car drive down the road. The street is too quiet to have a population. Where is everyone.
Suddenly, as I'm driving, I see a man standing in the middle of the road. He's wearing a black T-Shirt and jeans. He's smirking at me.
I gasp, my eyes got wide, and I swerve my car, but I hit him. Crack! It sounds. I fall and my coffee spills on me a little. "Damn," I swore.
I get out of the car, nearly staggering, and look down at the ground. My car is dented on the front hood, but there is no man. Where the hell did he go? I asked myself.
As I look around, I hear a whoosh. I look around me. "Who's there?" I called.
No reply.
I keep looking around, and then, when I turned around, the man who I hit stood in front of me. I nearly died. He looked... just like... me.
"Hello, Zachary." He said. He sounded like me, but he had too much of a taunt in his voice.
"Who the fvuck are you?" I hiss.
"Whoa, watch the language. Shouldn't use that tone around someone like me. But..." he fiddled with the ring on his right ring finger. "You already know me."
"The hell I don't!" I growl.
He stopped smiling. "Zak... you know who I am."
"How should I know? I've never seen you. But... why do we look alike?"
"Ah, now you're getting there, Zachary," he says, grinning. "Yes, we look exactly alike."
"But... why?" I ask.
He smiled. "Figure it out." He snapped his fingers. He was gone.
I stood there, almost seeming like I was in a coma. I panicked. I ran down the street, and with my loudest and strongest voice, I yelled, "HELP!!!!!!"

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