I thought we hated them? (A marauders love story!)

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Chapter 1

Olivia. :)

"Be good this year, won't you?" My mother said as the whistle blew from the scarlet steam engine. I nodded and gave her and my father a final hug before I picked up my cat, Ruby, and ran onto the train. I ran to the first window and waved at them until we turned the corner and they were lost from sight. I sighed.. Now I had to go find my friends on the crowded train.

"Looking for me?" Came a males voice from behind me. I turned and saw one of my, not too close, friend, Nick. Nick was in my house at Hogwarts and was always one of the kindest to me. I never trusted him fully until my fourth year at Hogwarts.. Which was last year.
I smirked at him and gave him a big hug. It wasn't strange for us to hug, we a always did. Not in a romance way, he was more like a sibling to me.

"Hey, Boggey brains," I joked. This was my very, unique, nickname for him. He was though, one of the smartest people I knew at Hogwarts, besides a girl named Lily Evans. Lily Evans was a Gryffindor girl and was very bright. I was surprised she wasn't a Ravenclaw like me.

"Shut up," he said. "Who are you looking for?" he asked me as we walked down the hall of the train.

"Just looking for Dylan and Bonnie," I told him. "Have you seen them?" I asked him as we passed a compartment with many Slytherin's sitting inside of it. They all sneered out at me which I returned. Nick shook his head and stopped, suddenly pulling me into an empty compartment. I looked at him in utter shock- what on earth was that about?

"Marauders!" He warned. I understood immediately what was wrong. Let's just say- the marauders and I got off on the wrong foot. I also rejected Sirius Black.. The schools man-- you know what I mean. I doubted there wasn't one girl on this train that he hasn't snogged yet-- besides me of coarse. We watched as the three boys walked by before we left the compartment in search for Dylan and Bonnie.

"That was close," he said. It was close. A run in with the marauders is a nightmare.. Me and my friends never really were fond of them. They were always so full of themselves- especially James and Sirius. Remus was more of the book reading kind of guy.. Which I didn't mind too bad.
Eventually we found Bonnie and dylan sitting in one of the very last compartments.

"Hey!" I said running to give both of them hugs. I hadn't seen both of them all summer as I was gone to Ireland-where I am from- for the summer. They spent it together and began to tell me what they did during their time together. They played a lot of quidditch and much more.

"That's really cool, we played quidditch over in Ireland," I told them. "It wasn't that exciting though. It rained for most of my time over there and we could hardly see the snitch!" I told them all.

"It was raining all summer?" Nick exclaimed. I nodded.

"Wait- I think we got one day of sunshine?" I said a bit unsure. Nick, Bonnie and dylan laughed at my little joke. It wasn't a lie though. In Ireland you hardly ever saw the sun. It was mostly cold and wet.


"Mind us standing in here?" came a voice. We all turned and groaned as before us stood the famous Marauders. They stepped into our compartment with us answering and peered out the glass door. I gave Bonnie and Dylan am exasperated look.

"Mind leaving?" I said to them. James turned around and raised a finger to indicate one minute. I sighed. I guess we were stuck with them for one agonising minute.

"I think I'll leave," Nick said with an annoyed look. He hated the marauders as much as I did- which was a lot. Okay, maybe it wasn't hate but a deep desire for them to get flung off the train.. On fire.. While dementors sucked the soul out of them. Ya, that was about it. It wasn't hate. Nick opened the door and walked away from us.

"She's not looking anymore!" Sirius exclaimed excitedly.

"Who?" Dylan asked them. I gave her a look as to ask 'why?' I didn't want to have to socialise with this lot. They were annoying enough to look at.. Not to mention talking with them.

"Lily.. She's pretty angry because we.. Nothing," James said quickly. "Let's just say it had something to with Severus and a lovely gift from us," he added. We all looked at them as though they were insane. They probably were!

"Right. Now can you leave?" I pleaded. Sirius, James and Remus gave an amused look in my direction. I sighed. What now? Could they not just leave us alone? I thought of a way to get them to leave.. But I couldn't. Not yet anyway.

"Why so eager to get rid of us?" Sirius asked me.

"Go away black!" I warned him. He raised his hands up in defence as I gave him a threatening look. He edged a bit away from me- much to my relief.

"So, what were you talking about?" James said sitting inbetween Bonnie and Dylan. I smirked. They were going to absolutely love our 'conversation.'

"Oh ya. Bonnie, you were so right. I really hate that time of the month," I said with a wonk in her direction.

"Oh, I know right? Such a.. Bloody mess," she said with a wicked grin in my direction. I turned to see the boys reaction. They looked shocked and scared. I laughed. It was fun to mess with their heads.

"Okay, we get it! We're going!" Remus said in shock. Him, Sirius and James literally ran from our compartment which left us in a fit of laughter. Oh, how I have missed my friends.

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