1D, JB, and PJ Fan Fiction! New Group Story Setup! (Updated as of June 26th)

NEW GROUP STORY! Percy Jackson/One Direction/Justin Bieber Fan Fiction Setup!

Chapter 1

Ok, Here It Goes! (Updated)

Ok, so I have a little plot of fanfiction in my head. However, only those who message me with the form below filed out will hear it. It's gonna be a surprise for you Quibblonians or whatever you call yourself.

I will continue my other stories, and there is a good reason why I haven't been on. Last Thursday, I gave a ten minute speech and I had to get ready for it. Then yesterday, it was my last day of school.

About the form:

It will have this or that, would you rather, etc questions on it. Depending on your answers, I will choose people. If you want to create your own character, you
have an extra part after the main part of the form. After June 21, 2012, if there are little or no people answering, I will cancel this amazing idea. Believe me, you will want to hear it!


1.) Justin Bieber or One Direction?

2.) Justin Bieber or Percy Jackson?

3.) Percy Jackson or One Direction?

4.) If you had to choose one person from One Direction, who would it be? (Can't be Harry (curly haired), Zayn (black hair), or Niall (blond guy))

5.) If you had to choose one Percy Jackson character who would it be (Annabeth (that would mean your character is a guy), Grover, etc.)? (Can't be Percy)

6.) If you had to choose between Ryan, Chaz, Christian, or Caitlin (again, character has to be a guy for Caitlin) who would it be?

7.) Would you rather create your own character or be part of One Direction/A Demigod/Justin Bieber? (It means would you rather be only your characters POV, part of 1D/Demigod/Justin Bieber and have their POV, or have not only your POV but the bands POV as well (both)?)

From Here On The Form Is Only For Those Who Would Rather Make Their Own Characters:

Nickname (Optional):
Personality (Detailed as much as possible please):
Appearance (Also detailed as much as possible please):
Pet (Optional):
Other (If there is anything I can't think of, please put it here):


Sorry if it seems a little bosy. I need to know these things to help me in the future. All the work will pay off, believe me! Thanks For Reading, Annika

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