A Total Drama Island Fan-Fiction

Chapter 1

Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa

‘“Welcome to Total Drama Island!” Some guy said with a smirk as the boat I’d been placed on came to a stop by a dock. “I’m your host, Chris. And Chef is not only your cook, but my helper in torturing you.” He laughed, and that noise made me immediately hate him. “Heh. Well, there’s twenty-one of you, so tonight, one of you will be eliminated in your first challenge ever!”
“What challenge are we talking about here?” Someone asked next to me.
I glanced over. The person who’d spoken was about my height, probably a year or so older than I was, with grey eyes and dark brown hair. He saw me staring and smiled devilishly. “Hey, cutie pie.”
I narrowed my eyes. “Don’t call me that, jerk.”
“Ah, Kindle. Great question! Well, the challenge today is simple!” Chris gestured out to a giant mountain. “You get to jump off that. And into the safe water. Well, I think it’s safe anyway. The interns thought so before they jumped.” He laughed again. “Anyway, after that, assuming you avoid the evil sharks, you have to dive farther in the water and try to find rings similar to this. There are only twenty, so if you are the unlucky camper who doesn’t find one, you’ll be eliminated!” He held up a golden ring. “Have fun!”
He’s not serious. He cannot be serious. I continued whispering that in my head. I kept repeating it until we reached the top of the cliff.
“Oh crap.” I sighed. “He’s serious. I’m going to die.”
“Haha. You probably will, Yoko.” Chris said with a smirk. “Now, for all you other happy campers, try not to die. But don’t panic; Chef and I will be supervising you from a helicopter. Kind of. After the elimination, you’ll be split into two teams . . .” he paused, waiting for everyone to think of who they wanted on their team, “that I pick.” He laughed as everyone scowled, then stepped into a helicopter that the guy apparently named Chef was steering. “Have fun.” He called. “We’ll be waiting at the shore.”
I looked around. Who would go first?
“Is that cake…?” Someone asked, wandering a little farther away from everyone else. I almost said something, then decided against it.
Finally, someone else spoke up after minutes of staring at each other in nervousness. “Well, if no one is going to jump, I guess I’ll take a shot at it.” The one who had spoken was a guy that had virtually no tan, with a snake bite and black hair.
“You’re really going to jump?” Another girl asked. “You might die!”
“Well, let’s hope I don’t. Wish me luck!” With that, he was gone.
“He really jumped.” Someone else said. “Okay, I’ll try!” They closed their eyes tightly and were gone.
“They are all insane.” I muttered.
“Haha! This is fun! Almost as fun as when I wrestled that hot chick and a bear! Whoo-hoo! Maybe I’ll find something and kill it… then poke everyone’s ear with the bones!” A guy shouted, running and jumping off the cliff.
“Wow, that dude’s got something wrong with him.” Another guy beside me muttered. “Might as well jump.”
And that is how, against every animal instinct they had, everyone but three of us jumped off the cliff, and into the shark-infested water. I noticed the other two remaining was a girl named Light or something, and a guy with an almost golden tan, shaggy blond hair, and blue eyes.
“Eh, I don’t know if I want to do this.” The guy said. “I’m pretty tired.”
“Lazy bum.” Light replied with a joking smile.
“Hey!” Chris shouted to the three of us through a megaphone. I could barely spot his head poking out of the helicopter. “If you really don’t want to jump, you can always quit. Of course then you won’t get a ring, and you’ll be kicked off.” He laughed that annoying laugh and the helicopter disappeared.
“Might as well jump/” Light said with a shrug as Chris flew off. “I mean, I came all the way here. I should probably try to win now.” And she then she’d jumped.
I looked at the other guy, wondering if he’d chicken out. “If she can handle that, I guess I can too.” He said with a smile.
“And then there was one.” I said to myself. “I’m going to try not to die. Oh, please don’t let me die…” I looked down, noticing some of the campers had already finished the challenge and were cheering on the others from the shore. “You can do this.” I took a step forward.
I closed my eyes tightly as I felt nothing holding me up, the air screaming at me. I smelled the salty seawater before I connected with it painfully. “My God, that hurts like―” I swallowed an estimated amount of a gallon of water before I could finish my slightly inappropriate sentence.
I quickly resurfaced, gulping in as much air as I could before diving down again, desperate for a ring. It was hard to see anything, despite it’s outwardly clear appearance. I saw something shiny and reached for it. I felt something cold brush over my foot and screamed bloody murder into the water. I quickly realized that it was just another camper and felt my heartbeat slow. The other camper grabbed the golden ring I’d been reaching for, and I swore in my head.
I had to come back up for air again, and noticed with a sinking feeling almost all of the campers had rings and were heading for (or were) on the beach.
“Look out behind you!” Someone warned me with a shout.
I glanced behind me, watching as a shark came at me, it’s jaws wide open. I shrilly screamed and swam to the side quickly. As I dodged it’s deadly teeth, I noticed a golden ring at the top of its fin. I slid it off.
“There’s another one coming at you!” The same person called again.
I felt my heart racing yet again, and swam for the shore as fast as I could, hoping I’d make it alive without being shark bait and without having a heart attack.
“Nice!” The person said, helping me up as I landed on the shore, gasping like a dying fish (ironic, I know.) “I’m Luigi by the way. Please, don’t comment or make fun of my name. My parents just really loved Nintendo.”
“Alright. My name’s Yoko. It’s nice to meet you.” I replied when I had enough air. “Thank you so much for warning me.” I sighed. “I think everyone else would have ignored me until I was in two different pieces.”
He smiled uneasily. “They wouldn’t really do that, would they?”
“I’m sure a lot of them are nice.” I quickly reassured him.” I looked him over. He was a little taller than I was, with curly black hair and blue eyes. “Do you think we could be friends?” I asked him. “Even if we are on different teams?” I held out my hand.
He observed me with slight suspicion before shaking my hand. “Sure.” He answered cheerily.
“Okay campers!” Chris said, coming out of the woods, where I assumed the psychotic-looking chef landed the helicopter. “Who doesn’t have a ring?” He frowned, gazing at all of us. “What the… I knew I only put twenty… so one of you shouldn’t have one. Wait, where’s the other camper? We’re missing one!” He looked annoyed now. I hope it didn’t mess up his makeup.
I suddenly thought back to the short girl that had wandered from everyone else. “I think it was a girl.” I spoke up. “She’d wandered off, muttering about food or something. I think her name was N.O.” I’d recalled speaking to her for a little bit. “Wait! Her name was KO!”
Chris thought for a moment, then shrugged. “Since she’s not here, let’s all assume she realized she lost and already walked the Dock of Shame! So, all of you lucky campers standing before me are safe for tonight! I’ll announce the teams tomorrow before out next, not-so-safe, challenge!” He turned to the camera. “Our first camper to be eliminated on this series of Total Drama Island is KO! Tune in to see who the next person to walk the Dock of Shame is as friendships, grudges, and alliances are formed! Next time on Total… Drama… Island!”

All the campers were gathered by the campfire, still trying to process the food we’d eaten for dinner.
“Man, that stuff was disgusting.” Tray, the guy with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes, complained.
“Seriously.” Yuji agreed. His hair was brown, cut at medium length and he had brown eyes. He wore a black hoodie, despite the temperature.
“I thought it was awesome!” Eric shouted. Eric wore neon-green contacts. He was pretty tall, with black hair and wearing a skull shirt with dark jeans.
“Eric, you must have no sense of taste.” James joked.
James was really nice to everyone and probably was the most optimist out of all the other guys here. He was so positive and such, it made a lot of the girls attracted to him, and others. I swear, I even saw some other males admiring him in an oddly feminine manner. James had glasses, long black hair and light brown skin.
“Don’t call me Eric!” Eric snapped, his temper like a timebomb. “Call me Infected Unit!”
“Why?” Frostey asked. “If you were a zombie, I’d kill you. Like I killed that zombie squirrel.” He smiled creepily. Frostey had white hair, with strange, yellow-ish eyes. He was also really skinny and about medium height.
“You’re crazy Eric!” Panda exclaimed. “You tried to bite my arm!” She was nicknamed that because of her panda bear t-shirt. She seemed nice, but kind of dumb at times. She had short brown hair, and a green eye and a blue eye.
“Now, now, don’t fight.” Kem calmed everyone. Kem was the pleasant peacemaker, even if she insisted on cosplaying as Suigin. She had long, straight blonde hair, and blue eyes. “Let’s all start by introducing ourselves. Starting with you.” She pointed at a dark-skinned girl that was very skinny, with black hair and brown eyes.
“Oh, okay!” The girl said happily. “My name’s Amber. I’m fifteen. Hi!” She gave a small wave and smiled as she noticed an athletic guy who had brown eyes and black hair with dark skin.
“I’m L.” The guy she was smiling at said. “I’m fifteen too. Nice to meet you all."
“I am Luce. Nice to meet you all.” Luce said. He had short black hair, with a nice, but somehow slightly evil, smile.
“I’m Hammy.” Another guy spoke up. “I’m from Hawaii. I’m sixteen.” He was much smaller than I thought, about my height, with spiked up black hair and brown eyes. He seemed nice. “I can also play guitar.”
Someone else spoke up. “I’m Michael, Mikki for short.” He had long, straight brown hair, and brown eyes. “I’m eighteen. I was born in Australia.”
“I am Jesper.” Jesper said, standing up to bow. “I consider myself a gentleman. I am eighteen. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I hope we can become friends.” He was tall and blond with a great tan, and green eyes.
“I’m Adam.” I noticed he was sitting a few feet away from me. He seemed really, insanely tall, and had brown hair and blue eyes. “Nice to meet you all.”
“I’m Light.” The girl beside me said coolly. “I’m fifteen. I like chocolate, music and anime.” She was dark, with straight black hair.
“I am Kizu.” Someone spoke up. “I’m sixteen. I hope I can socialize with you all.” I looked behind me to see a boy a few inches taller than normal, who was very pale with purple-ish eyes and black hair.
I noticed everyone was staring at me, waiting for me to introduce myself. I felt awkward that everyone was looking at me, and I hope they couldn’t see my blush in the firelight. “I’m Yoko. I’m fourteen. I love music. And Panic! At The Disco, and Mayday Parade. I hope I can become friends with you all.” Slowly, everyone’s attention was averted from me.
“Whoa!” Light said beside me. “I love both those bands!”
“Really? That’s awesome!” I smiled. “Maybe we can be friends.”
She returned the smile. “We’re going to be more than that. I gotta feeling we’re twins, Yoko.”
“Okay campers! Get some sleep!” Chris interrupted us. “The boy’s cabin is on the left, the girl’s on the right. Watch out for the bed bugs; they really do bite.” He laughed again.
“Where did he even come from?” I muttered, standing up with everyone else. “I hope I’m on a team with Light and Hammy.”..

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