Memories A Thousand Miles Away

This was written on my old account and I'm reuploading it :D

UnbreakMyHeart (me)

Enjoy! xD

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Jude and Clarissa were best friends. They were in love with each other. Yet, neither of them knew it. They had a great friendship. That friendship couldn't be touched with the slightest feeling of love until fate decided it was time. Later on in life, Jude moved. Clarissa was left alone. All their memories felt a thousand miles away. But before we get to that story, we have to start from the beginning. 10 years ago.

10 years ago..

Clarissa's POV

Jude and I are seniors in high school. The best of friends. No one could break our bond. Sure we've had our fights, but we still remained together like glue. What Jude doesn't know is that I'm in love with him. But I know he'd never feel the same.

Jude and I are hanging out at the basketball court shooting hoops. We always loved that sport. Jude made a shot and missed. "Haha! You missed your shot!" I teased. Jude playfully punched my arm. "Shut up." A sudden thought came to me. "Hey Jude?" I asked. (hehe Beatles song xD) "Yeah Clarissa?" Jude replied shooting the ball through the net. "If we ever split apart...would you forget about me?" I questioned. "Clarissa what makes you think I'd forget you?" Jude responded.
"I don't know...Maybe one'd find another replacement friend or something." I shrugged. Jude sighed. "Look Clarissa, as long as you promise to never forget about me, I'll never forget about you." "I promise." I said. "Good. I promise to." he smiled.

Jude's POV
Actually it was kind of ironic that Clarissa asked that. Because it turns out..I'm moving. She already knew. That's why we're trying to spend as much time together as possible. The truth is I'm in love with her but I know she'd never feel the same. I'd never forget her. She'd never forget me either.


Little did Clarissa and Jude know, that their promises would be broken just 10 years later.


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