An Original Vampire Diaries Story

My character
Name: Anastasia Coulson
Appearance: hour glass body, wavy dark brown hair with blonde highlights & blueish-brown eyes
Personality: A Flirty, Charming, mean, vain, self-centered, spoiled, manipulative & Selfish Girly-girl who hates emotions and has trust and abandonment issues.
Best Friends: Nina, Paul, Ian, Joseph Claire, Nathaniel & Daniel.
Love Interests: Nathaniel
Family: Older brother Christian Coulson
Career: actress/singer/model

Chapter 1

by: Angel_1
I walked the halls of the studio; which tapped the vampire diaries & smiled as I stumbled into the room where Nina and Ian had been filming their love scene. The moment the director called cut, I walked over to the happy couple and smiled.
Nina: so, Ana, what'd you think?
She said with a satisfied smirk, I smirked back before saying
Anastasia: I think you two make a cute couple on screen and off.
Nina and Ian shared a smirk before hugging me, I hugged them back with a smirk as well.
Nina: so are you working today?
I nodded
Ian: I still can't imagine why you picked to play Nathaniel's love interest.
Anastasia: Daniel & Paul are married, I see you as a big brother, Joseph and Claire are an item and Casper's not my type so when the writers, producers, director, etc... came to me and offered me a change to be on the show as long as I accepted this specific part; I jumped at it.
Ian: how come?
He said curiously
Nina: because she's awesome
Anastasia: and it gives me a better chance to hang out with my friends endlessly.
The three of us shared another smirk.


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