Lyrics For A Love Song

Lyrics For A Love Song

Tally is a singer and song writer
Her and Niall Horan dispise each other
What happens when they have to write a song with each other?

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

by: 1D4EVA
I sit as far away from Niall as truly possible when we go to the lounge

We keep sneaking glares at each other

I was dreading the time when Liam would say -

"I think we should go to bed now"

Liam says


Louis knows what I'm thinking

He smirks

I glare at him

"I'm sleeping on the couch"

I say

"No you're not!"

Everyone except Niall says

I sigh in defeat

This will not be a good night

I slouch up the stairs and change in the bathroom

Niall hasn't come in yet

I get in the bed as close to the edge as possible

I try to go further when he gets in, but it wasn't possible and I nearly fell out

So much for a good nights sleep

I wake up by falling on the floor

I stand up and go get dressed

I assume Niall awoke the same was as me when I heard a bang


I walk in and start laughing hysterically

Niall was covered completely in an avalanche of covers

"Shut. Up"

Niall growls

I shake my head and tears start to fall

"Can't. To. Funny"

I manage to say before laughing again

"Shut. Up. Tally"

"No. Way"

I manage to breath


He says menacingly

Oh poo

I run as fast as I can while still laughing and I eventually fall onto the couch

Niall trips up

That only makes me laugh more

"What's all the laughing for?"

A tired Louis mumbles

"Niall. Fall. Bed. Funny"

I laugh

"Then he tripped while chasing me"

I say

Niall is still glaring at me and I laugh even more

We really don't like each other

My side starts to hurt alot

"You two need to get writing"

Liam says


We walk to a big room full of musical instruments

"Ed says you have to spend an hour each day"

Liam says

Louis smirks at me

'You like him'

He mouths at me


I mouth back



He simply smirks

It's not that I don't like Niall

It's that I hate him

The others leave

"I say we write a sentence everyday and spend the rest of the time-"

"Hating each other"

Niall finishes


We fight over a sentence

"I say we have
'I see you in the morning with'"

I say

"That's stupid!
I say we have
'When I say I love you'"

He says


We finally come to a decision

We have a glaring match

"Guys you can come back now"

Liam shouts

Thank god

I see you in the morning with

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