Never Not Meant To Be

Never Not Meant To Be

"Meeting you was fate. Becoming your friend was a choice;you were my dad's new daughter, I didn't want to like you. But falling in love with you...that beyond my control."

Chapter 1

Francesca Depolleti

That's Me.
Cesca. Francesca Depolleti.
Daughter of Marie Hulk and Demitri Depolleti.
Sister of Caraline Depolleti. She got the normal name. I'm always too...fancy for the occasion.
But I like it.

I'm not scene, or preppy, nor emo. I'm just me.
And I like it that way. I'm a happy girl.
I've got a knack for photography. My camera is like the holder of all that's mine, and I love it more than anyone could ever imagine.
Touch it and I legit will never be able to trust you.
That's another thing about me.
I'm a spacer.
I like to space my writing real dramatically.

My parents are divorced. They divorced when I was 9 and Caraline was 7. I felt weird because I didn't take it as hard as Caraline did. They never fought or anything, I think it was just a matter of how much love they had for each other. They still love each other, but not like they used to.
Oh well.
There's nothing tragic about my life. Never been abused, or r-ped, or both;life is average.

Lots of people judge me on my clothing. To some, I'm a wh-re. To others, I'm that crazy, fun, wild girl people want to be around. I can't be categorized or labeled.
Remember that.
Although...if people try, they end up with something like this:
All smiles until you try to knock me down.
Then you'll meet a b-tch.
But I like it.



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