Prayers for Rio~ My best friend

Hello, as most of you know, I am Rio's bestfriend and for some unknown reason, she's in alot of pain right now, these are a collection of prayers to god for Rio.

We love you Rio.

Chapter 1

Tyahn's Prayer

Dear God,
I know I’ve started praying a lot lately, and I know I’ve been thanking you for such a beautiful world, and life, but god… have a favour to ask.

You know my best friend? Rio? The one you introduced me to recently?

Rio is the kindest person, she’s loving, and kind, and a beautiful person inside and out. She has so much compassion, and she’s a fantastic sister, and a fantastic friend.

I know that Rio lives on the other side of the world, god, but I also know that no amount of distance would keep me from loving that girl any less.

She’s like a sister.

God, I know that you must want her in heaven, because she’s so great. She’s one of your best yet! And god, I also know that it’s selfish of me to ask this, but please god, spare Rio for the time being. If not for me, for her brothers and sisters who care for her more than anything in the world!
For her parents, grandparents, friends and cousins, for my friends who barely know her, but still know how wonderful she is.

God, I don’t know what’s wrong with Rio, Jakob and Luke told me they’d tell everyone soon. Knowing she’s in pain… it’s breaking my heart god. If I had the opportunity to take that suffering from her, even if it was at my own expense, I’d do it in a split second. Without a thought.

God, I know sometimes you can’t help these things, but Rio is yet to define herself. Rio needs to experience life, to raise the most beautiful children, to become a gorgeous woman.

God, I hope you can hear me, they say you are always listening, and I thank-you for proving that when you helped Rio’s four newest siblings, but God, I don’t really ask for much, but today, I’m asking you to spare the life of a sister, a cousin, a friend, a girlfriend, a daughter, a niece, and most of all, Rio.

In Jesus’ name,


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