Creatures of the Night

A story I'm doing with Canuckmom1 and 2Xtreme

The first few chapters aren't written the greatest but keep reading and it gets better

Chapter 19

Chpater 19

Crimson's POV

I woke up, wrapped in a warm blanket. I could smell the rain from last night on the pine trees of the forest. I lifted myself from the bed and looked around the new surroundings I was in. A girl with deep black hair sat on a chair next to the bed I was sleeping on. Her back was towards me so I couldn't see what I was doing. I yawned and wiped my eyes to adjust to the light. She turned around to see me.

"You're awake!" She put down the knife and stone she was holding.

"Where am I?" I asked her.

"In my home. You got injured by a vampire so I took you here to fix you up." The girl grabbed me a glass of water. I looked out the window that was close to me. It seemed to me we were in a tree house. It was still the same forest as we live in. I looked around the surroundings of the tree house as I heard a faint growl of a dog or werewolf. I looked in that direction. I could see a silhouette of a wolf that slowly transformed back to a person.

"Grey?" I called out as the silhouette came closer.

"Hey," he said. "Ivy was freaking out so she told me to go look for you." Athena looked out the window with me.

"Who's that? Why are you talking to a werewolf?" I looked over to her as she eyed Grey.

"He's not a bad person! Really!" I tried to convince her but she ignored as she jumped out of the window, getting ready to battle Grey. She whipped out dual knives and started slicing at him but he deflected everyone shot.
Grey kicked Athena's leg and fell the ground, one of her knives flew farther away from her. He walked over to it and grabbed before she did. Athena just sat there, watching Grey toy with her. It looked like she had some fire in her and she wanted to fight back, but every time she would try to stand up, she would wince in pain and fall back down.

"Crimson, get down here and let's go." Grey called. I climbed down the tree, following his orders.

"Are we just gonna leave her here?" I asked Grey as we walked home. I looked back at Athena. Her eyes looked like she wanted revenge.

"Yeah," he mumbled.

"But she's hurt! We can't just leave her here!" I tried to persuade him.

"Yes, we can,"

"But why?"

"Because I said so," I sighed, knowing that he was impossible to talk to. The rest of the walk home was silent, typical for Grey. As we finally got home, Grey went off to his place as I went to greet Ivy.

I slowly cracked the door open and called her name. She was sitting on her bed, headphones on, listening to blaring loud music.

"Ivy?" I went over to her, taking off her headphones, as she turned around to look at me.

"Crimson? You're okay!" she smiled which was rare for Ivy.

"Yep! What happened to those guys?" I asked.

"Shadow got rid of them. I don't know if they're dead or not." she said. "Oh, and speaking of Shadow, he's been talking about you non-stop. You should go talk to him," I could feel my cheeks getting red hot.

"Aw, you're blushing." Ivy laughed as I tried to cover my face. "You like him don't you? That's so cute." She laughed some more. I ignored her and followed her advice of going to see Shadow. I peeked around Ivy's house to a small river where Shadow's dark figure sat. I walked over to him.

"Hey Shadow,"

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