Creatures of the Night

A story I'm doing with Canuckmom1 and 2Xtreme

The first few chapters aren't written the greatest but keep reading and it gets better

Chapter 2

Adrianna Depths Vampire/Mermaid Hybrid

I was finally able to get out of my boring history class, and into the cafiteria. I sat down by myself at an empty table in the corner, which nobody bothers to sit at anyway. I still had their demonic voices burning into my brain. What type of creature are you anyway? How could a vampire and a mermaid love eachother?
I tried to get their voices out of my head, but it wouldn't work. I pulled out my sketchbook, I'm not going to bother eating today, I don't need to. I scribbled at the pages as their words filled my head. Why would they even bother to have you! You're pathetic and worthless Adrianna.
I started humming, some song my mothing used to sing. I'm glad that nobody around here could be enchanted by my song, I didn't want or need anyone's attention around here. But I guess I did catch a fish.
I girl was coming my way that I hadn't seen here before, she must be new here, I know who everyone is around here. If she was coming because of my song, then she was human. Act normal Adrianna, you have to act normal if she doesn't know!
She sat down across from me and smiled. "Hi, I'm Crimson. I saw that you were sitting by yourself, so I thought that I'd come and join you." Crimson, what an interesting name. "I'm Adrianna." I smiled back. It's been a while since I smiled at someone besides my mother. She seems like a nice person. "Nice drawing." I look down and I finally noticed what I drew. It was someone swimming in the ocean, while the sun was setting.
"Umm thanks." "So why are you sitting by yourself?" I paused for a second. "I have no friends." "Why?" "People bully me, and nobody wants to get anywhere near me, because they think that their next." "Oh." "So what do you do here, besides draw?" "I'm on the swim team, so I use the pool a lot."
Wow she likes asking questions, or maybe it's my song working? Ugh! I hate my powers, I wished that they never exsited, and then stuff like this wouldn't happen. She probably wouldn't even like me if this happened, I would just be nobody to her! They're right, I'm worthless and I shouldn't exsist!
I was saved from my depressing thoughts by the bell ringing, lunch was over. "I have to go to my locker and get my stuff for my next class. I picked up my sketchpad and ran off on Crimson. I knew I couldn't sing, or even hum at school ever again. I couldn't let a nice person like Crimson be drawn to people like me. Who knew what my personal tormentors would do to a human? Who knows they might hurt her?

Finally my favourite subject came around, art. I sat by my easle and waited for the teacher. She came in and smiled, her fangs clearly seen. "Alright class, today is a free hand painting, you just paint whatever you feel." I grinned, Dusk was a good teacher. I picked up my paintbrush, dipped it in some paint, and that was when my mind went blank.
I snapped my senses back when the bell rang. I looked at my painting. It looked like the drawing I made at lunch, but this time the painting seemed darker. The water though was red, blood red.
I handed in my canvas, and Dusk smiled. "Nice drawing Adrianna." I smiled, and walked out of the classroom, I hope that this day passes quickly.

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