Creatures of the Night

A story I'm doing with Canuckmom1 and 2Xtreme

The first few chapters aren't written the greatest but keep reading and it gets better

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

by: 2Xtreme
"Ow, well that pain will teach me not to ever bring anyone near my home", I said angrily to myself.

"That girl was human, I know it, but she was hanging out with a werewolf. I am going to have to move now that they know where I am and I have to go to school tomorrow. This is going to be a long day", I sighed to myself.

The rest of the day I spent on moving the little that I had. It doesn't matter that I don't have much. I have to focus on why I am here. I have to infiltrate the school, locate their secrets, and destroy the school. A hunter in a supernatural school with no backup, just great, I thought. I guess I better be grateful; I have a few tricks up my sleeve, I guess my powers aren't so bad after all. Every hunter is born with a talent to help them destroy supernatural beings. I just happen to have a few talents.

I moved deeper in the forest hoping it would hide my home. Just in case that girl goes to the school I better get my disguise ready. Pretending to be a vampire is not going to be easy. I guess I'm going to have to color my hair completely blue instead of just my highlights; I can't give anyone a chance to recognize me. Now I have to worry about my scent too. I think I might have to call someone for some help with that. I'll call Dexter; he'll know what to do about my scent and will create something fast for me to wear.

"Hi, Dexter, it's Athena. I need your help" I said right away.

"Hi Athena. What? Already can't handle the job?" Dexter said sarcastically.

"Very funny, I just ran into a human whose friends are supernatural creatures.

"That's what I get for helping, but now I need something to change my scent from the werewolf who saw me. Can you help or not?" I said rudely.

"Fine. Let's meet at our place in an hour. I will have what you need. Hopefully it works. I haven't done all the tests necessary to make sure it's foolproof, but it's the best I can do in such short notice" Dexter said laughingly.

"Okay I'll be there. I would say thank you but it seems that might go to your head." I said hanging up before he came up with a sarcastic remark.

Well I guess this is a good spot to set up my home. It's so deep in the forest no one will venture this far in the middle. I can set up a few things before I go meet Dexter. After a frustrating 30 minutes, I think that's good enough. I better get to the diner before I am late. He might think it's funny to leave me if I don't show on time.

I approached the little diner, just in time to see Dexter coming up. We walk in and take our usual spot in the back corner where I can see everything happening in there.

"So how much do you love me?" Dexter says as he hands me a bag.

I opened the bag to see a perfume bottle.

"What is this?" I asked questioningly.

"It's the solution to your scent problem", he says laughingly.

"Not funny, how does it work?" I asked.

"You have to spray yourself every 4 hours to mask your scent. It has to be every 4 hours though to make sure your scent doesn't come back. I have yet to find a side effect of the spray but I would still be careful. I wouldn't use it more than necessary. I don't really know at this point what else I can do for you though so for now it has to be the spray. I am trying to come up with a pill but I will get back to you on that." Dexter stated seriously.

"Well even though it kills me to say this, thank you for the help" I stated begrudgingly.

"Look, I know I mess with you, but don't get yourself killed. Who else will I use to be my guinea pig for my experiments?" Dexter said with a smirk.

"Yeah, wouldn't want that to happen," I said with a grumble.

"I am heading out, I am sure you have a lot to take care of. Oh and by the way, Estelle wanted me to give you this" Dexter threw a big bag at me as he turned and left the table.

I look through the bag and had to smile. Estelle gave me everything I would need to change my appearance. I guess she knows me enough to know I would need this at some point. I ordered my food to go so I could head out to finish setting up my home. By the time school starts tomorrow I know I will be ready.

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