Creatures of the Night

A story I'm doing with Canuckmom1 and 2Xtreme

The first few chapters aren't written the greatest but keep reading and it gets better

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Ivy's POV

"Why would a human come to this school? That'll be completely weird," one of my best friends, Pandora said

"I'm supposed to be helping her around but she said she was fine." I murmured.

"Don't you have to lead her to afternoon classes?" Shadow asked, staring at the floor.

"I guess so if she asks me too,"

Finally the bell rang, which meant lunch was over and class was starting. My next class was chemistry, which was with Crimson. I grabbed my books and headed for the class. Crimson was still at her locker getting out her books. As she just closed her locker, she glimpsed at me. Not saying anything.

Crimson's POV

I headed inside the Chemistry classroom seeing that I was the first one there. The teacher was sitting at her desk. She looked up at me.

"You're sitting in the back table on the left, Crimson. And your lab partner will be Shadow," she said pointing to the table where I was supposed to be.

Of course, I had to be partners with some guy I didn't even know.

The rest of the class came in. Shadow sat next to me.

"Are you my new lab partner?" he asked me.


"Awesome! I usually am alone because... my partners always move away.."

Ivy's POV

I was in the table on the right of Crimson and Shadow.

"Shadow is practically the worst partner she could ever have," I muttered

"Why is that?'" Stormy Lighting, the Ala, said.

I whispered to her, "Crimson, doesn't know about the creatures at this school. She's a human,"

"Really? I thought she was vampire!" she said.

"Shadow's probably gonna freak her out or make her disappear," I replied.

Crimson's POV

After 40 minutes of complete boredom, the bell had finally rung for the final class of the day which was P.E, My least favorite subject.

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