Planting Rosie

Rosie loves plants!

Chapter 1

Water Is A Plant's Lunch

"Rosie!" My Mom called from the kitchen where she was making lunch. "You've been sitting on the couch reading all morning! Have you watered your plants yet?" I shoved my bookmark into my page in 'Smile' and sat bolt up. I ran through the backdoor and grabbed a watering can from my gardening cupboard on my deck. I hopped down the deck's steps, careful not to spill any water.

When I reached the bottom, I turned to the right into my garden. I watered my roses first, like always, and then my sunflowers, corn, tomatoes, radishes, and my violets. They looked as if they were drinking up the water as the soil absorbed the liquid.

I smiled and trotted back up my stairs and into the kitchen where my mom was waiting for me with a grilled cheese snadwich and french fries. I stuffed the sandwich into my mouth and nibbled on some fries. I gave a thumbs up to my mom and swallowed as my dad walked in through the front door.

"Hi sweetie!" My dad grinned as he and Mom leaned in for a Couple's Kiss. Suddenly I felt grilled cheese coming back for an encore. I ran to the bathroom sarcastically and made barfing sounds. I heard Mom and Dad giggle a bit so I walked back into the kitchen and finished my fries.

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