Planting Rosie

Rosie loves plants!

Chapter 2


I walked outside to water my plants, remembering on my own this time. Man, it was hot out! I got my hand wet in my watering can and wiped it on my face. It dried quickly enough!

I bent down once again to water my plants. I filled the soil around the roses with alot of H2O. My radishes were still pretty small, so I didn't give them much water, but I gave the rest of my plants a good amount of food. The sun burned my back. I pushed my long blonde hair behind my ears and sighed. I had planned on staying outside today, but I wasn't going play outside much at all instead.

I poured the leftover water on my head as I observed my plants, stems and all. Suddenly my eyes drifted shut and I fell over.


I woke up hardly breathing, staring at brown soil, my body damp. There was just enough room for me to sit up. White strings curled around my hole in all directions. I felt them and realized what they were: roots. I dug my fingers into the brown around me and recognized it as soil.

I was underground.

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