Planting Rosie

Rosie loves plants!

Chapter 3

Growing Problems

Pressure formed in my ears. I looking around my little hole and dug frantically, but the dirt closed back up. A tear spilled down my cheek. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled like a magnet to the floor of my tiny room. I struggled, it pulled harder.

I started to sink through the dirt, my body was like a ghost. One of the roots grabbed my left foot. I tugged and I resisted, but it wouldn't let go. It squeezed my ankle. My eyes widened, surprised, as I watched my foot slowly begin to shrink!

I screamed for someone to help, but I knew I was too far underground. I cried as my foot turned into some sort of hologramic water vapor, sucking into the root that was previously holding onto it. It connected to my leg and kept on pulling me into the root.

I knew I wouldn't survive this, but decided to try. As my arms repeated the cycle, I took a last gasp of air and prepared for the worst. Suddenly, I felt like nothing. I seemed to be some sort of breeze.

Then I understood: Wet dirt, pulled in the roots, disappearing. These are the plants I had just watered, and they thought I was their dinner.

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