Planting Rosie

Rosie loves plants!

Chapter 6


I felt amazing, like I could do anything... except I couldn't. I was a rose named Rosie, with no limbs, blood, brain, or anything. I just followed a simple rule: go with the flow.

For a while, I just stood there and watching the wind blow leaves on the trees around and butterflies land on my other plants.

After an hour or so, I was completely, utterly, bored out of my mind. There was absolutely nothing to do. Should I... no. Maybe I could... oh what's the point! I just sat and stared fixedly at the sky.

Wait... WHAT?!

Before I was looking at the Oak Tree in the backyard, now I was stared straight at the sun. It's wasn't even hurting my eyes! On the contrary, it felt quite rejuvenating!

I took a minute to think back to Mrs. Jeffrey's science class. "Plants face the sun and move throughout the day."

If the sun is directly above me, I thought, It must be about noon. Great. I've been a plant for over a day now, but it seems like an hour. I'm just wasting my plant-life away.

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