There's No Place Like Home - Except Maybe The Arena. The 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV

Hi people! this is the 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV. I decided we needed one cuz he's like the only tribute that doesn't have one. There's even one in Glimmer's POV! Nothing against Glimmer, it's just that Thresh makes it so much farther. I'm doing the first chapter, then my friend Beth (a.k.a. Rue_And_Thresh) is doing chapter 2, then I'm doing 3, etc. please comment if you like it and give us advice! And I will only write more if you send me cookies! jk. but that would be nice, though :)

Chapter 1

Reaping Day

"Kids! Breakfast!" calls my mom. I groan, roll over, and climb out of the bed. I barely slept last night, knowing that today was the Reaping. It's not me I'm worried about, it's my family. My little twin sisters, Peach and Plum, only twelve years old, and Persimmon, fourteen. And my little cousins, Daisy and Rue. They are so small, and they don't deserve this world. No one does, except maybe the president. I hurry getting dressed so that I have a little time outside before we have to be in the square. I run down the stairs and finish my oatmeal before you can say 'Hunger Games'. I run out the door, reluctantly accecpting my coat from my mom. I know exactly where I'm headed. The one place that I would choose to see one last time if I get reaped. Which is likely. My name is not only in there the manditory times for being eighteen, but also for all the tesserae I took so my sisters didn't have to. But next year they will, because I won't be able to anymore. If I'm still here, that is. On my way, I count up how many times my name is in there. 45 tesserae, plus the 7 normal slips. That makes 52. Great. Safe to say the odds aren't in my favor today.

I slow down, still breathing heavily, then I stop completely beside Lilly's grave. I buried her out here when the box came back from the Capitol containing her body. I took it pretending to be her brother, since her family died in a fire when she was twelve. She managed to keep that a secret, and stayed alive out here in the forest, with a bit of my help, so that she didn't have to go to the community home. I would sneak her food, and then I taught her how to catch animals and clean and cook them, so she could eventually survive on her own, without my help. But I still came to visit her. She needed the company, and so did I. Besides, I had really grown fond of her, even though she was a month older than me.

Then, when we were fifteen, she inexplicably volunteered for the Hunger Games. I think it was to save the girl that had originally been reaped, frail little twelve year old Pansy, who had a broken leg. I never got to see her before she left. And only when that train pulled away did I realize how much I loved her.

She actually did very well in the 70th Hunger Games, considering she had lived in a forest for the last 3 years, and made it to the top 5. And then, just as I was really starting to believe she really could win, the the arena flooded, and she drowned. She couldn't swim, of course, having never seen more than a stream in her life! That insane girl from district 4 won. It was so unfair! How was it Lilly's fault that she never learned how to swim, whereas the girl from 4 could probably swim before she could even talk! I try hard not to hate her, cause I know it is in no way her fault, but I kinda still do. Or maybe it's the Capitol that I hate. But who doesn't? I think bitterly, glancing up into the oak's old branches until I find her carefully hidden treehouse.

I wander down to the meadow and pick some flowers, then wander back towards the forest, clutching the flowers in my hand. Only when I place them on her grave do I see what kind of flowers they are. Lillies.

I look at the sun, and judge the time to be about 10:00. I have to be home in half and hour to get ready. I quickly decide that to stay a little longer, because this might very well be the last time I ever come here. I climb up into the treehouse, and look out the window at my district. I look around at the orchards, the buildings, and the fields. Then they get replaced with pictures of Lilly, laughing, hunting, smiling at me. then the images get blurred by my tears, slowly fading them away. I sniff and wipe them away. This won't do, today of all days. I have to be strong, no matter what happens.

I run home as fast as I can, and recieve a lecture from Mom when I get in the door, then she orders me upstairs, where I dress in my nicest clothes, then she combs back my hair. Then I join all my siblings downstairs, and we head for the Square.

I let the Peacekeeper prick my hand, then i get in line with the other 18 year old boys. I glance over to the twelve year old section, and find Rue and Daisy, holding hands. Daisy is crying. I lock eyes with her and mouth "It's okay." Daisy stops crying, and Rue smiles at me, though I can easily see the fear in both their eyes.

The video starts, and I watch, for like the 50th time, the video about how special and powerful the Capitol is. Blah, blah, blah. Finally it's over, and Imersila, our escort, stands up. "Hello everyone!" she shouts. No one says anything. She looks so disapointed. What did she expect? Cheers? Kisses? Flowers? Unicorns dancing on rainbows?
Let's get on with it then, shall we?" she says brightly, smiling her head off. Easy for her to say. She doesn't have her name in a draw for a fight to the death, and she never will or has. Why? Because of the Capitol. Every problem everywhere eventually comes down to the blame on the Capitol. I sigh, and lift my head up to listen for the fate. Imersila walks over to the girl's bowl first. She reaches in, then pulls out a name. She opens it. She reads it. "Rue Catalpa."

What? NO! Not Rue! Her name was in there ONCE! Rules run through my head. Can I volunteer for her? No. She's a girl, and I'm a boy. But it turns out that I wouldn't be able to anyways. Because the next name drawn is mine.

"Thresh Catalpa."

So what did you think? Was it any good? Please tell me! I'm sorry this first chapter is kinda sad. But it'll get better! Yes, Rue is Thresh's cousin. And yes, all of the names are either fruits or flowers. But fruit is for district 11, and I was kinda following Rue's theme of flowers. Yeah, a Rue is a flower, if you didn't know. But c'mon, Peach is a pretty cute name. And Daisy. Hey, I just realized those are the names of the two princesses from Mario Bros! Haha did not notice that. Oh well. It's all up to you know, Beth! Make me proud, sweetie! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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