You're A Painful Reminder Of What I Can't Have (A Love Story)

You're A Painful Reminder Of What I Can't Have (A Love Story)

I'm trying something new... really hope you like it ;)

Love ya,
July ^_^

Chapter 1

Nothing but a golden cage

If you see me as just the princess then you misunderstand who I am and what I have been through.
Mariah Carey

"Princess, His Highness is waiting for you in the garden." Charlie said taking a bow.
It was weird seeing my childhood friend as a palace guard, especially because the King made him the Head Guard of my personal protection. Now he just acts like a stiffed doll all the time, like he forgot how to be Charlie.
"Thank you, Charlie." He nodded and closed the door leaving me alone. I miss him, I miss my friend.
I looked at the mirror. I couldn't help but to think I'm in a wrong place. This, the royal mansion, marrying the prince and having to act as someone you're not, every single day...
I sighed. It's like a prison. It is - they try to make it look nice and they bring lots of stuff from the town, but it's still just that - a prison. And everybody is looking the other way; they're trying so hard to please the King they don't even see how he manipulates them. Every day I see innocent people having to pay for his amusement and sick wishes.
I was born inside the castle, since my mother was Queen's cousin. In my sixteen years I've been to the town only once, and I had to sneak out for it. The King almost beheaded me.
Oh, the King! I threw my brush on the bed and hurried to the garden. I hate when he starts yelling around.
I stopped as I reached the golden gate that lead to the garden. I checked my blue dress and fixed my hair. I wonder what the reason for meeting here was. What would the King have to talk to me about?
Well, let's not keep him waiting.

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