HEY GUYS IM BACK! And i have a new story idea!

I'm so sorry i havent been on here!
But, to make it up to you guys i am making a new story.
And below is the idea!
So dont hold back and tell me the truth about how you feel about it.

Chapter 1


by: Megaronii
Basically. A girl named ***** is a firebender faerie, one of the last in Faylinn. Faylinn is ruled by Queen Blossom, a lightbender, and King Warren, a potionbender.
There is a dark evil amoung, lightbender Lusicda, captures firebenders and sings to compel them to follow her. Firebenders are the most powerful benders of Faylinn, but with Lusicda's voice, they become the weakest.
Princess ***** must find her soulmate to keep her balanced and out of Lusicda's hands.

Will she find him? Or will he already be turned?

So guys....thoughts? By the way, i havent found out all the names, its very raw. But there is four benders, water, light, fire, and potions. And who decides this is the Oracle.
These are faeries but they do have powers.


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