The Soul of a Song

Hi i'm Scourge and I was thinking about a dream I had a long time ago and desided to write it.please tell me how I did with this chapter & tell me what I should do to make it better. (sorry if their is spelling mistakes!!) this is my own warrior cat book but the warrior cats belong to Erin hunter.

Chapter 1

The past

Long ago, when cats ruled the forest of earth, 4 powerful clans ruled with earth's elements.Fireclan created volcanos, fire & summer. Waterclan formed the oceans, rivers,and lakes. Nightclan were the shadows of the night and they created the full moon & winter. Leafclan could cure any sickness and formed spring and fall. They lived in peace until an evil rouge formed a clan & put the clans under a sell that turned them evil & made them fight with each other. The spell lasted years & years until an unknown cat of song broke the spell & turned the clans to normal by singing a melody. Then the clans drove the evil cat and his warrior away to the place of no stars. As he was about to enter he yelled " the song shall return from the death!" The unknown cat sung an other melody that closed the gate of the place of no stars. In honor of the unknown cat Music clan was formed.


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