Not all Slytherin's are the same (Remake).

Name: Rose Malfoy
Age: 11
Hair: Blond
Eyes: grey-blue
Other: Is obviously related to the malfoys. She is draco's sister. :)

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Chapter 1

I walked onto the crowded scarlet steam engine. My mind was racing. What will happen after the train stops? What will await me after? My quiet annoying brother soon followed me onto the train. A smirk played on his lips like it always did. I don't ever remember a time when he actually smiled without it being a smirk.

"Rose, are you going to wait?" he said. "Come into the same compartment as me. I don't want you mixing with the wrong crowd," he sneered as we passed a group of Gryffindor's. Gryffindor's and Slytherin's never got along. It's how it always was- to be honest, no house got along with Slytherin. Slytherin's were hated and I could understand why. They were all mean.

"I'll be fine Draco, I'll find somewhere else to sit," I told him walking down the crowded hall of the train. Draco didn't follow me, to my luck. It's not that I didn't like him -I did- it was just that I didn't like his friends. His friends tended to annoy me. Especially his idiot goonies Crabbe and Goyle.
I eventually found an empty compartment to myself. I placed my trunk on the overhead and sat back down. I saw my mother and father one last time before the train lurched forward and we were soon on our to Hogwarts.

"Can I sit here?" came a girls voice. I looked up to see a girl with flaming red hair, brown eyes and a freckled face. I knew immediately what family she belonged to. The Weasley's. I swallowed back my disgust of them and nodded. "I'm Ginny Weasley," she said extending her hand for me to shake. I did so in a polite manner. Draco and father always spoke badly of the Weasley's but I never knew why. To me, Ginny seemed normal. I know that father called her family blood traitors anyway. To be honest, I was not anything like my father or Draco. I didn't mind muggle borns too much, but I wasn't fond of them.

"Rose Malfoy," I said. Her eyes widened when she realised who I was. She opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. "If you're wondering why I haven't said a mean word to you yet for being a Weasley, I'm not like my father or my brother so don't worry," I told her. She seemed to relax slightly but still looked anxious.

"My brothers always told me that all Malfoy's were mean and rude," she said. I shrugged. It was true. We were all mean and rude. That didn't mean though that I was going to mean to her over what family she has. I, though, honestly think I am the nicest one of the family, if I do say so myself.

"We tend to be," I simply replied. She just nodded and gazed out the window as hill after hill disappeared behind one another. I decided to do the same as there was nothing else to do on this long train ride to Hogwarts. Minutes later though, I was interrupted from the door opening. I turned and frowned. Draco stood there looking angrily at me.

"I knew I shouldn't of key you go of yourself," he said darkly looking at Ginny in complete hatred. I glared at him. He always did this. I couldn't be friends with anyone myself- he wanted me to be friends with his friends. That would be embarrassing. I would be the loner child in my year if I stayed with my brother.

"I'm fine Draco, now please leave. We have to get changed," I said trying to get him to leave as soon as I saw how uncomfortable Ginny looked. He gave one last glare towards us both before turning on his heal and leaving us alone. "Sorry about him," I apologised to Ginny who seemed to be relaxing herself once again.

"That's okay," she said. I knew she was lying. It wasn't okay. My brother was a snob, a git and really annoying. It was understandable as to why anyone would hate the Malfoy's but for me, I had no clue as to why Draco and father have hated the Weasley's for so long. "I suppose you want to be a Slytherin?" she asked after a moment of silence had passed.

"Well, I kind of know I'll be Slytherin anyway," I said, "all of my family have been so far. I would really get disowned for being in any other house!"

"Wouldn't you get disowned for even sitting in the same compartment as me- or any other Weasley?" she asked me. I thought about it. It was true. I more than likely would be disowned for talking to Ginny and even though it made me nervous, I seemed to not really care.

"Yes, but unless my brother doesn't tell, I highly doubt that my father will hear of this," I said to her. She smiled a little.

"I'm glad that you don't mind that I'm a Weasley," she said. "You're about the only Malfoy who doesn't care about blood status or if someone's a blood traitor or not," she said happily. I nodded on agreement. I was the only Malfoy nice enough not to care.

It was hours later when it had gotten dark that the train finally stopped at Hogsmead station. I walked out onto the station with Ginny by my side. If anyone had a good enough guess to realise that I am a Malfoy I was sure they would be staring at us both in amazement. Luckily for me, they weren't smart enough to guess that.

"Fir' years!" called a booming voice from the end of the lamp lit station. Nervously I walked over to the voice along with Ginny and other first years too. The man who had called us was taller than an average man should be. He had beetle black eyes and a very bushy beard and hair. "Follow me then," he said when it appeared that all first years were gathered around him.

"That's Hagrid," Ginny whispered to me as we followed the tall man down to the lake. I knew what he was doing. He was taking us across the lake on the tiny boats. Only first years entered this way, the older students took carriages to arrive at Hogwarts.
Ginny and I got into one of the tiny boats, both nervously awaiting for what Hogwarts had in store for us.

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