Our Biggest Mistakes ~For Annie's Story Contest~

Sure, there have been some interesting ships.

But have you ever met anyone who ships Peeta and Madge?

If you know me, than...yeah, you have.

But now, you get to read a fantabulous story about them!

It's in Madge's point of view.

Oh, and it's for Annie's contest, too. :D

Chapter 1

The First Chapter

"Peeta!" I yell at the top of my lungs. He was around my house somewhere, I'm just quite frankly not sure...where. "Peeeeeeeta!"

He pops out of no where and grabs me from around my waste and whispers in my ear, "Yeah?"

I laugh and smack away his hands away.

"The Reaping is in..." I look at the sky. "About an hour. I need to go get ready. The mayor's daughter has got to look good, right?"

He smiles at me. "You always good, even without those fancy dresses on. Especially without those fancy dresses on."

"You look good in mud and weeds, too," I tease him. "But, seriously, I need to go get ready."

"Okay. Meet back in front of your house in forty-five minutes?"

"Mmhmm," I nod, and kiss his cheek. I skip away, into my house.

What to wear, what to wear... I rummage through my closet full of dresses, and reach an orange one. (Orange is Peeta's favorite color.) It goes down to about my knees, and is pretty puffy. It comes in and is fitted at the waist, and has sleeves that are also pretty puffy. It has a white color, and white buttons down the front. With a white ribbon to tie around my back.

Peeta is my boyfriend.

He is the best boyfriend in the entire world. He's a great baker, a great artist, and, dare I say it, a great kisser. Of course, my parents don't know that I'm dating Peeta, of course, let alone that I've kissed him. But they do know that he and I are very close friends.

All through elementary, we had a "friend circle" of sorts. It consisted of myself, Peeta, and Katniss Everdeen. But, when we were eleven, and Katniss' dad died, she drifted away from all of us...and she supported her family.

Her mom, who used to be one of my mom's best friends, also my aunt's - Maysilee Donner, she died in the fiftieth Hunger Games - drifted off, into some kind of...disease. She couldn't see how much Katniss and Prim needed her. And she was so distant.

Katniss hunted. She brought in game and she traded it at the Hob, the local marketplace. I'd gone in there many times before, but I'd never been brave enough to trade anything in there.

My dad's strawberry supply came from Katniss and Gale Hawthorne.

I've never liked Gale. He's older than us, and he thinks he's all that. Well, there's only one guy who's "all that" and it's not him. For the record, it's Peeta.

Gale and I have always despised one another. Because I'm the mayor's daughter, he thinks I have it the easy way. Yes, my name is only entered five times. And? Even if he didn't have to take tessera, his name would still be in more than mine, because he's older than me. Two years older, actually. So his name would be in seven times, if not for the tessera.

But, too bad, so sad, he has to take tessera. So does Peeta. And Katniss. And neither of them have been Reaped. Not yet, anyway.

I sweep my deep brown hair into a sloppy bun on top of my head, and slip on some white flats. I twirl around in a circle on the mirror on the back of my door. I think I look pretty nice.

I leave the house instantly and sit on the porch, knowing my parents are already there and that the time limit is up.

And who is walking down the way?

"Peeta!" I scream.

I jump on him, and he twirls me in a circle (my dress adding a nice affect). If it wasn't for the way we were dressed, and the Reaping in a matter of minutes, I would have jumped hard enough to knock us both over.

He smiles. "Hey, Madge. Ready for the Reaping?"

"No." I roll my eyes and give a careless laugh. "Not like I'll ever be. Let's go."

We start walking towards the town square and I smile. We hold hands, but when the stage is in sight, we drop hands instantly.

My dad can't know.

Once we go to our sections, and have been checked in, they immediantly start. Apparently, we were the last ones to arrive.

Effie Trinket, our escort, and Haymitch Abernathy, our mentor, are on stage. My dad, the mayor, tells about the history of Panem; how the thirteen districts and a Capitol rose out of rubble; how District Thirteen rebelled and caused the Dark Days and the Treason of Treaty was put in place; and lastly, how the Hunger Games began.

I, personally, love that story.

Finally, my father sits back and Effie Trinket begins. "Hello, citizens of District Twelve," in her Capitol accent. "Welcome to the Reaping of the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor."

She walks over to the girls' Reaping ball. "Ladies first!" she says far too cheery.

I look over to Peeta, and he meets my eyes. He crosses his fingers and mouths, "Good luck."

What happens from here on is a messed up blur.

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