Naruko one-shots

tons of one shots of naruko

Chapter 1

Naruko X Shikamaru

by: Lesy
Shikamaru walks into the hospital; he goes to the desk in the front and asked “Which room is Chouji in?” The lady looked at some paper s and said “He can’t have any visitors at the moment “Shikamaru sighs ready to turn around and go home, he even brought a fruit basket. But then he heard a doctor to tell the lady at the desk to put down that Naruko can have visitors now. Shikamaru found himself asking where her room was. He knows that he has a small crush on her since the day he saw her but it’s he keeps telling himself that its nothing more them that.

He sits in a chair watching her sleep; he got to admit that when she sleeps she doesn’t seem as troublesome as she is awake and yelling. Naruko is in a long white T-shirt and has her hair down; Shikamaru thinks to him ‘she should wear her hair down more. He sighs and picks up a book that is for people to read when waiting for people to wake up. As soon as he opens the book he hears Naruko waking up. He smiles, looking at her he says "Hey, Finally awake..." She looks at him confused and asks "Where am I?" He sighs and says "The hospital, they said you'd been asleep for three days" She looks with a wondering look and asks "Why am I here with you?" He sighs’ tries not to let any of the blush come on his face that’s trying to. He says " Well, it sucks but I came to see Chouji and they wouldn't let me and then they said you were sleeping here so...” She asks" His injuries were that bad?" Shikamaru chuckles and says “Don’t get confused, he ate so much after his fight, that he injured his stomach..." Naruko laughs which makes Shikamaru chuckle and she says "That's just like him" He puts the fruit basket on the bed and says "Oh yeah! It's stupid but I brought him s fruit basket, I should be able to go see him now but the doc said he can't have any food. S o I thought we could eat it" She smiles and says” Oh really? You're a pretty nice guy!" He felt his cheeks getting warm and he says "You idiot! It’s just because it would be a waste if it spoiled" She starts laughing and says "We should eat this right in front of Chouji" Shikamaru smirks. He says "That’s evil, I like it."
Naruko signs as she looks out her window, tears flow from her eyes like the rain from the sky. She hasn't left her bed since she found out that Pervy Sage was killed. Naruko hears a knock on her front door, she doesn't move for five minutes. The knocking wouldn't go away so Naruko slowly gets up from bed, she walks over to the door as the sound of knocking rings out though her apartment. When she stands in front of her door, the knocking stops, she opens the door to see Shikamaru standing there. Shikamaru knew how Naruko felt, he felt the same way when Asuma was killed. Naruko looks at him and asks "Shikamaru is there something you want?" Shikamaru asks "Can I come in" Naruko nods and walks back to her room as Shikamaru follows her.

Naruko had been staring at a code that pervy sage left for five minutes, Shikamaru asked "Naruko, what do you think" Naruko snaps out of the daze she was in. She put on a fake smile, she had fake smiles on her face a lot of the time but this one was really forced on. She says "Oh, Sorry, sorry. So what were you saying?" Shikamaru sighs thinking 'man was I this troublesome?'. Shikamaru looks at Naruko and says "Come with me." She has a confused look on her face and asks "Where?" He says "Just come on" He stands up and grabs her hand, pulling her to her feet. Naruko stutters "Wha- what do you want".

They were standing in front of a hospital, Shikamaru says "Oh. Here she comes" Naruko has a cunfused look on her face. Kurenai walks out of the doors, Naruko says "Huh, Kuranai" Naruko points at her stomach and yells "Did you eat to much Yakiniku and have to go to the hospital!? Your belly is fatter then Choiji's!" Shikamaru sighs and says calmly "It’s not yakiniku, it's a baby. You're such a pain." Naruko looks taken back, stares at Kuranai belly. She walks up to her and looks up at not listen to Kuranai and Shikamaru talk. Kuranai pats Naruko's head which makes her to looks up at Kuranai. Kuranai smiles and says "Here." She takes Naruko's hand and puts it on her belly. Naruko's face lights up when she feels a kick.

Shikamaru and Naruko are walking away from the hospital; Shikamaru says “That kid'll be my apprentice" Naruko looks at him, surprised. He says Asuma entrusted me with his kid. I heard about Jiraiya. I lost my master too, so don't think I don't know what you’re going though" They stop walking and Naruko looks at him with sad eyes. He says "You'll never get anywhere if you keep sulking all the time. You're not in a position to do that anymore." Naruko asks "What do you mean?" Shikamaru looks her right in the eye and says "My master entrusted me with a lot, from big things to little things. It's the same for you an unlimited number of things, don't you think it's about time for us, to be the ones who entrust not the entrusted, it's a pain but we can't stay kids forever. Someday you'll be the one treat others to ramen and you'll be called Master Naruko. Like Asuma and Jiraiya, I wanna be as cool as them" Shikamaru winks, Naruko feel her cheeks get warmer and smile a true smile. Tears flow down her cheeks as she thinks about the times she spent with Jiraiya; he was like a dad to her. She wipes her tears away and looks at Shikamaru with a smile on her face. He smiles back and says "You've got to get a hold of yourself. You've got things to do" He pulls out the paper with the code on it.

When they were with Shiho, it gone great but when Shiho started blushing because of Shikamaru. It made Naruko's blood boil; Naruko which made her realize that she liked Shikamaru. This fact took her back a little, it surprised her.
Shikamaru sits in his room looking at his broken foot, because of his foot he can’t even help rebuild the village. He also wanted to help Naruko when she was fighting Pain but he couldn’t do that, the one to help her was Hinata and Hinata almost dead. His mom opens his door and says “Shikamaru, your father and I are going to help with some building around the village. But someone is going to come and keep you company later” He sighs and says “I don’t need a babysitter.” His mom laughs and says “It won’t be a baby sitter just someone who would like to visit you” Then she left, Shikamaru couldn’t really think who would be worried about him, his team mates see him like every day.

Naruko walks though the village, everyone is smiling at her, calling her a hero. It’s like a dream come true. But she feels like there is something missing, she can’t tell what it is. She is walking to Shikamaru’s house; she heard he can’t help rebuild the village because his foot is broken so she is going to keep him company today.

Shikamaru hears someone walk into the house; he knows that he can now finally see who is worried about him. He listens to the footsteps of the person walking to his room. The door opens and Naruko walks into the room, smiling. Shikamaru didn’t think that it would be Naruko, because he knew she would be busy. He feels a small blush on his face which he curses to himself about. Naruko doesn’t notice the blush; she goes over to him and asks “Why can’t the med ninja’s just fix your foot?” He sighs and says “Because there are people who are hurt more than me so they go first” She crosses her arms under her chest and says “Still, Sakura is free right now, she should help you, and you are a friend after all”. Shikamaru sighs and says “yes, but her free time shouldn’t be helping me. Besides nothings wring with letting the body heal it. It should be healed in two more weeks”. She had a surprised look on her faces as she says “I didn’t know it takes that long. When I broke my arm, it only took a week, no less than a week. Then again, my healing always is amazing. Granny Hokage said that my mom was like that. Although, when I asked who, my mom was…. She didn’t tell me. I don’t get why they won’t tell me. I mean I found out who my dad was, can’t they tell me who my mom is. They just want me to find everything by myself.” Shikamaru frowns and asks “They never told you? That’s messed up.” Naruko sighs and says “Ever since I was little, I always asked the third hokage but he always said knowing won’t bring them back. I always felt like he knew them and was close to them because he was always sad.”

Shikamaru sighs and says “Well maybe he just didn’t want to remember. Oh you found out who your dad was , who was he” She smiles big and says “You won’t believe it but I understand why he didn’t tell me who my dad is, hell they even put me with my mom’s last name because they didn’t want people who hated him to come after me. Get this; my dad was the Fourth Hokage!” Shikamaru had a look of unbelief and says “You’re lying!” She shakes her head and says “No really he is. I was kind of mad and happy when I found out, I mean who puts a demon in their own kid but he had his reasons.” He nods and remembers seeing a picture of the Fourth Hokage and seeing how much Naruko looks like him. But Shikamaru guesses that she must act like her mom, because he remembers his dad telling him that the Fourth Hokage was always calm and smart unlike the Fourth Hokage’s wife… Well he was never told who she was known that he thought about it. I guess they didn’t want Naruko to find out really bad, so bad that they didn’t even say who the Fourth Hokage’s wife was.

Naruko sits beside Shikamaru and pulls out two balls of ramen and says “I brought some food so I can eat with you." She leaves the room and goes to cook the ramen, as she cooks it she tells herself ‘Ok, you found out that you like him. It’s nothing new to like someone; you liked Sakura for a long time. Wow He must think that I’m gay then because I liked her. Ok well so I’m bi then, Man this is confusing. Well maybe I should just tell him I like him. No I’m not that stupid, Wait I’m not stupid at all.’ She almost over cooks the ramen but she gets it just in time. She waits back to Shikamaru’s room and gives him some ramen, which they eat quietly.

Shikamaru is confuses to why Naruko is not talking, usually she is very talkive. He asks “Naruko? Is something wrong?” Naruko says “What? Nothing is wrong!” Shikamaru sighs know that she is lying, he hates when she lies, he had long ago stopped lying to himself that he only had a small crush on her, the truth was that it was more than a crush., he really liked her. Shikamaru says “Don’t lie to me. Tell me, what’s bothering you?” Naruko knew that she was now in a corner; she had to tell him that she likes him or lie. She didn’t want to lie to him but she feels like it’s the best, but then she smiles and thinks ‘I’ll just change the subject’ She tilts her head to the side and asks something that she didn’t mean to ask and wished she didn’t as soon as it came out of her mouth “Shikamaru? Do you like anyone, like as in love?” She mentally hit herself, yelling at herself ‘Why did I ask him that?! What if he likes someone else?!’

Shikamaru is taken back; he didn’t think she would ask him that. He didn’t want to tell her that he liked her, it would be troublesome. He sighs and says “Troublesome thing to ask.” Naruko knew that means he does like someone, she wanted to drop it but she also wanted to know who she lost him to. She asks “Who do you like? I can tell just by saying that, that you like someone.” She fakes a smiles, Shikamaru can tell it’s a fake smile which makes him ask himself why is she sad? He can’t take it any more, he is lazy but some things are worth going though the trouble. Shikamaru gently puts both of his hands on each side of Naruko’s face. She has a confused look on her face, he leans forward and says “The person I like, is, you.” He kisses her. Naruko’s eyes widen and she blushes, she kisses him back. When the kiss is broken for air she says “I like you too Shikamaru.” The blush on her face gets redder, he smiles because Naruko never blushes so it’s a rare thing to see but he loves it. He says “ You look cute when you blush” This only made her blush more. A light flashes though door from the door, they look at the door and sees Shikamaru’s mom with a camera which makes both of them blush.

Ahhh I hope you guys like the first one shot. This was ShikaXFemNaru the next chapter will be Gaara and Naruko

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