It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

Chapter 1

The World's A Small Place

Angel's P.O.V
Setting: Monday, July 25. Angel's house. Orlando, FL.

"It's up!" I yelled at my 3 best friends. Oh, I didn't introduce myself, did I? I'm Mirra, A.K.A. Angel from the group Swagg R Us. You probably don't know us, yet. The other members are my 3 besties, Jazmond, Icy, and Momo. We've been friends since kindergarten. We've also wanted to be famous since forever. We all can dance, sing, act, and rap. I just posted a video of us performing Marvin Gaye And Chardonnay by Big Sean on Youtube so a producer can discover us, you know, like Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson. I think we were good, but good ain't gonna cut it in the music business.

Momo: Excited Did you post it yet?!?

Me: Yeah, I did!

Icy: Watching the video I think we did pretty good.

Me: Well good isn't good enough.

Jazmond: Stop freakin' Angel. If someone wants us to be on their record label, they'll pick us. If they don't, their loss.

Me: Calms down Ok, thanks.

Jazmond: Welcome.

After we all watched our video and listed things we could improve on, we got bored turned on the TV. We were all sitting on my couch while I was channel surfing with the remote. I flipped to BET and saw that 106 & Park was on. And their guest stars of the day were... ugh, Mindless Behavior. We all groaned. As you can guess, we're not fans. They're so conceited and think they can get any girl they want. They're selfish people, and they have an obsession with Nicki Minaj, like wtf? I changed the channel, and it landed on Spongebob. We all yelled "YAY!" at the same time.

About an hour later, I heard Jazmond's phone ring.

Jazmond's phone: Singing "Till I Die" by Chris Brown More drink, pour it up, more weed, roll it up, woah there, hoe, you know wassup, quit hoggin' the blunt biitch, slow down, pimps up, hoes down, asss up, nose down, damn biitch, I do it

Jazmond: Answers phone Yes. Who's this? Yeah. Mmhmm. Sure! Wait, what label? Oh, ok. 106 Alberdeen Road. Ok, thanks! Hangs up AHHHHH!!!!!!!

Me: What's wrong?

Jazmond: A producer of Streamline records wants to sign us up to her label!!!!!

Me, Icy, and Momo: Excited NO WAY!!!

Jazmond: Yeah! She wants us to fly to Cali to record songs next week.

Me: That's awesome!! When's our flight?

Jazmond: This Thursday.

Me: Ok.

We all called our parents and they all said yes.

Momo: You know what that means...

All of us: SHOPPING!!!!!

So we all walked to the mall, since the mall was only 5 blocks away. We went to EVERY single store. We walked out with tons of bags in our arms. We went shopping, and going to Cali in 3 days? Damn, life is good.

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