Game Over (An Original Group Story)

You wake up one morning in a small grey room and can't remember where you are. But not only that, everything about who you are has been forgotten as well. Trapped in the centre of an ever-shifting Labyrinth, filled with monsters and challenges they never could have imagined, five teens must find the exit and escape, before the bright green numbers on their arms reach zero.

Chapter 2

Brynn Carter- Fivers

by: Skyling
I was running, my legs slamming the ground in an ever quickening rhythm. I’d never run this fast in my life before. I could hear my frantic heartbeat thudding in my ears. I ran on and on. I knew it was ever going to be fast enough. They came at me from the side. I dodged the first few, then in a moment of hesitation I glanced back at my pursuer, my feet caught on some unknown object beneath me and I stumbled. Time seemed to freeze as i hung in the air before smashing forward onto my face.

I knew it was over. I didn’t bother trying to get up. I just rolled over and stared into the hateful eyes of the creature leaning over me. The pitiless voids of black narrowed into slits as it sunk it’s nine-inch claws into my stomach. I cried out. The pain was soul-consuming.

I lifted my left arm. A glowing green number one, implanted beneath my skin, slowly clicked down to a Zero. There was a loud ear-shattering noise and the round number turned blood-red.

The sinking sensation I always felt when my number changes down was amplified by a hundred, and as I was dragged into the black void of death I screamed out a name. My own name.

“BRYNN!” I jolted upright, woken by the sheer volume and anxiety in my own voice.

Wiping the cold sweat of my crinkled forehead, I glanced at my glowing arm for reassurance. A softly pulsing, emerald coloured ‘3’ shed a comforting glow over my troubled face.

The blood coloured Zero was only a dream... but a dream that could so easily become reality.

I sighed and sat up. The cold, concrete room around me was pitch-dark, as it had been every night since I arrived here. Each day at exactly sunrise, the metal doors to my left would swing open, bright light would stream in, and we would be released into the Labyrinth, to try to find our way to freedom.

There were twists though; the first was that we would have to make our way back to this room or another "set point" by the time the sun was down, or risk the loss of a Number. The second being, that while we were at those places, the Maze would shift and change and a whole new challenge would await us in the morning.

I rolled onto my back, and stared towards the shadowed ceiling. I was the only one left now. There had been ten of us in the beginning, and one by one, they had all clocked out.

The Numbers on our arms were like lives, if you died in the maze, all that happened was the number on your arm chinked down and you woke up back here, one life down. Until you had only One life left, if you died then, you’re really dead.

But there was another catch; each week you didn’t escape another number bleeped away. I cast a worried glance at the smaller set of digits beside my large 3. My clock, tick tocking away. Just waiting to turn red and end my life.

I shuddered that thought away.

It’d been one week since I arrived, I'd lost one life -- the moment of which I had just relived in my dream, minus the ending -- and then the week had expired another.

Because I was the sole occupant of the Maze now -- human anyway -- it meant that it was time for a new batch of fresh meat. Just as the thought entered my mind, there was a grating sound at the opposite end of the room. It wasn't not sunrise yet, so I knew what the noise must have been.

The Elevator.

I jumped upright and rushed towards the sound. Right on schedule, bright white lights flicked on behind me, illuminating the small, dull room. I was excited yet melancholy, new faces meant that I won’t be alone anymore, but they also meant more people to be bruised and hurt, damaged and destroyed.

More Fives to turn to Zeros.

The grating behind the wall stopped, and I held in my breath, remembering my first time in there: Cold, scared, and with a strangely empty mind. The most terrifying thing had been not being able to remember anything except my own name. I had come up with a meaningless Mantra, that I'd repeated over and over those first few days in the maze.

My name is Brynn Carter
I am around fifteen years old
My memories have been taken
But I am alive
I am alive

Before I could reminisce any further, the wall slid open, revealing a collection of teenagers of different sizes and shapes.

The one that immediately caught my eye was a tall, lean boy with reddish hair and clear blue eyes. He was the first to stand and stagger out, the rest following suit. Behind him came a small but feisty looking girl -- Asian in appearance, next to her was another girl of about the same height, leaf green eyes flicked towards me suspiciously, curly dark hair tumbling over her face. Lastly, there was a blonde boy who stood awkwardly behind the rest for a moment, although eventually he made his way out.

They all shared the same haunted, terrified face that I had been wearing for most of my first week in the maze.

One of the girls dropped to her knees, a few lonely tears streaming down her cheeks.

“What’s going on?” She whispered quietly

Unsure of myself for a moment, I hesitated, and then stepped towards them,

“Hi, my name is Brynn, welcome to the Labyrinth. At the moment it’s probably going to hurt if you try to remember your names but give it a minute or two, they’ll come back to you. But that’s all that will.”

There’s a flash of blinding green light as the new Fiver’s Numbers clock on.

“What the hell?” The auburn haired boy shouts, staring aghast at his luminous forearm.

I’m just about to explain the green 5’s to them, when the door to the Maze swings open. I turn towards it momentarily, the usual burst of trepidation and excitement welling up inside me. I spin back to the Fivers.

“I guess you’ll be learning on the job.”

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