Game Over (An Original Group Story)

You wake up one morning in a small grey room and can't remember where you are. But not only that, everything about who you are has been forgotten as well. Trapped in the centre of an ever-shifting Labyrinth, filled with monsters and challenges they never could have imagined, five teens must find the exit and escape, before the bright green numbers on their arms reach zero.

Chapter 27

Those Who Fall Behind (Brynn's POV)

by: Skyling
I'm here again. A few steps more and I am so many miles closer to survival. The cave is behind me. Zee and RJ are beside me. They don't know how lucky they are to have gotten this far on their third day. Elation swells inside me like a balloon, but Zee's comment deflates it just as quickly.

"We can't go in," says Zee, "We can't leave RIta and Beau. They might never find their way here again. We'd be abandoning--"

"Stop." My voice is calm. I make a special effort to keep it that way, after all, just hours ago I was on top of her, plunging a knife towards her head. She must hate me. "Please stop, Zee. You don't understand."

RJ moves in front of me, leaning down to my eye level. "Make us understand, Brynn. We can't just leave our friends without a reason."

"Ok. I'll put it simply." I swallow my temper, and take RJ's hand. Tentatively, I reach for Zoiye's as well. She obliges and her cool fingers interlock with mine. "If we walk out there now, we could be free in a matter of hours."

They both smile. RJ's warm expression ties knots in my chest. You don't love him. Not really.

"But, if we go back for the two passionate lovebirds, the chance of us making it back here before the route changes tonight is practically non-existent."

The redheaded boy nods. Zee looks down and pulls away from me. Everything about her is tense and strong. Her gaze locks with mine, its powerful. "So," says the dark-haired girl, "There is still a chance."

The sentence is all it takes to set me off. "No!" I rip my hand from RJ's grasp, "There is not! This is the only chance I've got!" My face is flaming.

Zee doesn't back away. She steps up to me, her poise advertising that, unlike our earlier fight, I would not come out on top this time. "Only chance you've got? What about Rita and Beau!? You don't give a crap about them!" She throws the words out, "I bet even if it were RJ back there you wouldn't care! All you think about is your bloody self!"

"You're right," I hiss, spittle flies out with my breath, "Because those who fall behind stay behind. It just means less enemies in the final fight! Only ONE can claim the crown, and it's going to be ME!"

The others go silent as my last words echo around the cave. Me. Me. Me...

Zoiye's shocked expression morphs to despair then to loathing. When she next speaks, it's in an almost whisper. "If killing everyone else is what it takes to get that crown, you can have it. It's yours. Get out."

I take a few heavy breaths. My head is cloudy and I don't want to think of the things I've just said. Hatred radiates from her stance. I can't blame her at all. She's so right. She's so good. Tears well on my bottom lashes. I don't speak. I turn to RJ.

He's facing away from me. His broad shoulders are sagging. I can see his collar bones through the material of his shirt. Sweat has darkened the hair that reaches his neck and stuck it there. His lips are pressed together, pale. I'd give anything to kiss them again... Almost anything.


His face looks broken.

"Just go."

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