Game Over (An Original Group Story)

You wake up one morning in a small grey room and can't remember where you are. But not only that, everything about who you are has been forgotten as well. Trapped in the centre of an ever-shifting Labyrinth, filled with monsters and challenges they never could have imagined, five teens must find the exit and escape, before the bright green numbers on their arms reach zero.

Chapter 3

Zoiye Hailey

As soon as I stepped out of my house that morning, I had a second sense that something was different. I can't remember anything except someone, or something, tried to drag me into a car. Thankfully, as usual, I had my favourite weapon, the nun chucks. They were black, with gold dragons sneaking up the sticks. (If you want to see how they look like, then use this:
I put up a fight, but when they put a rag that smelled slightly strange, and I went into a dark sleep.......
When I woke up, I was standing in a elevator with three, I think, other people. My vision wasn't great, because when I was younger, I got into a fight, trying to protect my younger sister from some people who wanted to abuse her.
Today, I had red and blue streaks in my midnight coloured hair, which matched with my outfit-
Anyway, the lift was terrifying, going at a breakneck speed, with the other kids packed in tightly, and gray walls, slowly closing in, slowly crushing us.... Before I could start punching the walls and freaking out, the doors opened, and I saw a pretty blonde girl, but with dark shadows under her eyes.
I dropped to my knees, needing to get away from that lift, as far away as I could get. My eyes welled up, as I thought of my younger sister, all alone. "Whats going on?"
The girl that was here before, stepped forward and said unsurely; “Hi, my name is Brynn, welcome to the Labyrinth. At the moment it’s probably going to hurt if you try to remember your names but give it a minute or two, they’ll come back to you. But that’s all that will.”
At this, I saw the other girl look so scared, and I stood up, and stepped away from everyone else. As soon as that happened, my arm started tingling, and then a burning sensation. I wanted to scream, but a true warrior never shows pain. But as soon as it started, it finished, and cooled down, there appeared a bright green number 5 on my arm. I stared at it, fascinated.

Then, I saw the big gray door open, and I saw, ummmmm oh yeah, Brynn's eyes widen in excitement.
"Go, Go, GO," Yelled Brynn.
"Huh?" said the other girl.
"Just, try and get out of the maze, GO"
So, guess what I did, I stepped through the bright blinding light, and ran. I ran for my family, I ran for me, I ran FROM the past...

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