Forever till the end of time(a 1D love story)

Hey guys if you have any suggestions for my nxt love story please ask me in the comments for example Loam,Louis ,Niall ex
Oh and every chapter is going to be titled over a famouse quote or saying
Hope you like it
Later harpsO_o

Chapter 1

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

"mom I'm back from camp"I screamed to my mom from downstairs
"oh honey I missed you"screamed my mom running down the stairs .I gave her a hug
"so anything changed since I've been gone"I asked
"em no"she replied
"oh okay "
I out my bag down and went to the kitchen and I made my self two burgers a bacon sandwich some chips and beans
Let's just say I like to eat which is weird because I'm like as skinny as a pin it's an expression btw
I took a bite of my burger and I heard a knock on the door
"I'll get "I screamed
I opened the door and there was a boy with really curly hair and a cheeky smile on his face
"hi my names harry and thank you"he said
"hi my names Harper"I said shaking his hand with the han that wasn't holding a burger
"so what do you want "I asked
"oh I was wondering if you had any bananas "he asked
"em let me check"I said
"oh and come in it raining outside"
He stepped in and he looked around
"nice place "he said
"I wish"u replied I walked into the kitchen i looked at the fruit basket and I saw some bananas
"here you go"i said handing them to him
"and thanks while I'm here do you have any taco shells and ........."he gave me a long list of things he needed
"wow you need to go shopping "I said handing him the stuff
"do you need help"I asked watching him struggle to carry the many things in his arms
"please"he said
I took some things from his arms and we walked outside
"so where do you live"I asked
"next door"he replied we walked to his house and he let me in I put on the kichen table
"wow"I explained his house was huge
"HAZZA"I heard some people scream from upstairs I chould hear feet coming down the stairs five really cute boys came in to the kichen
"ohhh who's this "asked the Irish one
"next door nabour"explained Harry
"well hello there"
"my names Louis"said Louis
I heard ringing and I answered it
"honey where are you"asked my mom
"next door they needed some things so I helped them"
Oh well if it's okay with them chould you stay there tonight becaus lighting is touching the ground and there's signs of a tornado "she said
"em it's okay I'll stay"I replied
"thanks honey "I hung up
This is going to be a fun night.

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