A life changing day

I am quite happy with the way it turned out (: Please, no hate Xx

Chapter 1

No name...

Arrgghh!! I sat upright in my bed, my face covered with sweat even though it felt like it was below zero here in my attic-like bedroom. I looked around my room, disoriented, unsure of where I was and what was happening. As I looked out of my window, my eyes searched the dark yard and caught on a pale shadow moving across the damp grass. And then I remembered the dream; the boys, with their pale skin and strange coloured eyes ……. Their attraction for me, a normal, boring teenage girl with nothing special I could give by being with them….. Witnessing them saving that young girl from the perverted men in the dark alley….
Then a thought occurred to me. How did they know exactly where the girl was and how did they get there just in time to save her? An overwhelming feeling of frustration at myself washed over me. Why was I thinking these insane things? Why was I worrying over those beautiful boys that I didn’t even personally know….yet! ‘Ohhh!!’ I said in shock. Today was the day! I was meeting my idols today, the people that meant the most to me in this world. I rushed upstairs to get ready, making sure I looked perfect for this magical meeting that was about to take place.

‘Hello there, love’. I was greeted by Louis Tomlinson, and I smiled my dazzling smile at him. The rest of the guys all replied with various hey’s, hello’s, and other greetings while I stood there nervously, not believing that I was really, truly here. It was strange though; they were all exactly as I had expected them to be: beautiful, handsome, kind, funny and so down to earth. But on the other hand, they were also very different. There was something strange, yet interesting about them that I just couldn’t pinpoint. As I looked deep into Niall’s deep blue eyes….. Ahh! That’s it, I thought to myself. His eyes weren’t blue like they were supposed to be, they were a light golden colour. I looked around the circle of boys, only to discover that all of their eyes were the same shade of gold. I also noticed that their skin was very translucent and pale white…. Their teeth were all perfectly white and straight, with a not-very-noticeable point, despite the fact that up until recently, Niall’s teeth had been damaged and crooked, although still perfect to me.
As I had been identifying these subtle differences, I had not noticed that they had been slowly creeping closer to me. I suddenly remembered the Vampire/Werewolf book I had read recently. Vampires! I thought. They are vampires! They have to be, what other explanation is there? As I was realising this horrible fear, I was aware that they were still coming for me, longing smiles on each of their faces. I stepped back a step, but my foot caught on a rock and I tripped. Everything went black and I didn’t get up again.

I awoke to the sound of beeping machines, bright lights above my head and the sound of murmured voices nearby. I tried to sit up, but it was more difficult than it should be. I looked around the room; I was in a medium-sized hospital suite with Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn sitting on the provided couches and talking quietly to each other. I noticed a big lump under the white sheets. With a shock, I realized the lump was my leg. I tried to move it, and cringed as pain shot through it.
I tried to remember why I was here. I recalled being in the dark alley with the boys, the strange men, tripping over a rock. My face took on a frightened look and my heart beat accelerated as I remembered the dream I had a few nights ago. The girl in the alley; that was me. The perverted men. The boys were the perverted men, only there were no saviours to come and save me from the 5 mysterious vampires sitting across the room from me.
They each seemed to realise I was conscious at the same time and walked towards me. I cringed back from their dangerous bodies, and a confused look came upon each of their faces as they processed my actions.
‘You-you-you’, I stuttered. ‘You tried to murder me’.
‘No, no, no’, Zayn whispered in amusement.
‘We were trying to save you from the men, but my hand must have slipped and I nearly crushed your skull’, Liam said with disgust.
So that’s why my head was throbbing and felt like it had swelled up to the size of a watermelon.
‘You don’t remember anything, do you?’ Niall asked in a panicky voice.
This was all getting too much for me, and I blacked out and fell into a coma, never to be the same ever, ever again.


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