Turning the Pages (One Direction Love Triangle)

What if one day you found out that Simon Cowell was your father? How would you take? Well, for Paige it wasn't easy, everyone she loved passed away, all she had was her father who left her and her mother before Paige was even born. Could Niall, from One Direction and one of her father clients, change everything for better?

Chapter 13

Chapter 12

After trying about a dozen chocolates and candies, going into a ton of stores I was done with my Christmas shopping and almost maxed out Simons credit card. He wouldn't mind, right? I mean he's a billionaire. I shrugged and carried my bags into the house with Harry's help. I noticed a small jewelry bag in the back of the car with my bags. I don't remember getting this. I was about to pick it up when Harry snatched it from me.
"Hey now. You wouldn't be peaking at your Christmas gifts early now would you? Santa doesn't give to naughty kids."
I rolled my eyes and laughed, "it's for me?"
He nodded his head.
"Then all the more I should look!"
Harry ran inside the house straight to the guest room he was staying in. I chased him inside.
"Paige! Harry! No running in the house!" Simon yelled from his home office.
"Sorry!" We both yelled.
"No peaking, you only have a couple of days."
"Fine then help me with the rest of the bags?"
We were carrying the rest of the bags when I heard footsteps, I turned around as did Harry to see blonde hair freak that goes by the name Niall.
"Niall!" I yelled running towards him.
"Miss me?" He laughed, and caught me in a hug, spinning me around. I kissed his nose.
Nora coughed, "Sorry." I said.
"I knew Simon lived in a huge house but not this big." Nora said amazed.
"Ya it's pretty big." I agreed
Harry and Niall helped with their suitecases.

Harry, Niall, and I went straight down to the den to catch up.
We took down a bunch of blankets and pillows and made a fort.
We left one long side open so we could see the screen.
"Niall start the popcorn machine. Ill be right back." I ran up the stairs turning a right into the the theater room and picked out a couple of movies, Twilight, About a Boy, Yellow Hankercheif, and a couple more random ones. I ran back down to the den, then I plopped down crossing my legs between Niall and Harry.
They looked at the movies I got.
"Twilight?" Harry said giving me a werid look.
"Hey at least I didn't get the notebook." I said making a disgusted face.
Niall laughed, "she's got a point there Harry." I put a hand on each of their lap.
"So which one first?"
"Twilight." Harry and Niall say together.
"Aw come on guys what's so bad about twilight."
"Everything." They said together again.
"What ever."
Harry put the DVD in the projector and started it.
"How about instead of catching up we play truth or dare? Get to know each other better." Niall suggested.
"Okay I'm cool with that." I shrugged.
"Ya. Okay Niall you go first."
"Okay Paige truth or dare?"
I thought about it, hmm I wasn't going to let the boys think I was weak so I choose dare.
Nialls eyebrows went up and a huge grin spread across his face.
"I dare you to kiss me on the mouth."
My eyes went wide so this is how Niall wants to play? With Harry right there? Then I got an ideas fight fire with fire? I looked at Harry who didn't look like a happy camper. I mean I wasn't either, I don't like PDA, even If we weren't in public, but Harry was right there!

I jumped on Niall and ran my hand through his hair and gave him the best kiss he has ever had.
I left Niall with a red face.
Now your probably like how is that fighting fire with fire? Cause I left Niall with that, he won't get anymore of me until after Christmas.
"Okay Harry truth or dare?" I turned to look at him.
"Is it true that you use to try on your moms bras?"
"Ugh yes but I don't do that anymore."
We all started to laugh.
"Niall truth or dare?"
Niall thought about it for a while.
"Is it true that even after I told you that I fancy Paige, you still went after her?"
"Yes." Niall said like if it weren't a big deal.
"The thing is that I thought you were my friend Niall how could you?"
"Harry you always get the girl let me have her this once."
It looked like one of them was going to hit the other.
"Hey!" They looked at me, "I'm not a object you can't call dibs on me! Now can we play a different game?"
Someone slammed the door wide opened.
"The Tommo-Tomlinson is back lady's and gentlemen!"
We all stayed quite and mad.
Louis made his way into the tent.
"Now what's up with all the sad faces guys? Come on my birthday is in two days!"
Louis started to jump up and down but not to high to knock everything down.
"Come on Paige smile! Smile, smile, smile." He has his face in my face.
I smiled, "okay tommo you win!"
I laughed. But Niall and Harry where still in their bad moods that was caused by their idoitness.
"Why are we in a bad mood?" Louis asked stretching across the floor with his head in Harry's lap and feet in Nialls lap.
"Why don't you ask Niall."
Louis looked at the Niall.
Niall looked at Louis like saying "what?"
"You know maybe it's my fault. I didn't mean to come and ruin your friendship!"
I started to get up but Harry lightly pulled on my ankles.
"What?" I asked coldly.
"Just answer us this." I nodded, "who do you like?"
I looked at them both.
"I don't know."
"It's either me or him." I looked between them.
"I'm not choosing."
"Why not?" Niall spoke this time, "remember all those wonderful times we had in Ireland?"
"Niall please."
Louis got up, and stood next to me.
"You guys leave her alone." He wrapped his arms around me walking out of the den.
We went straight to the kitchen.
"Maybe some ice cream?"

I sat with my head down on the island bar waiting for Louis to get the ice cream out with a bunch of random sprinkles and candies.
I was looking at a big window that looked out in the garden to see Simon having the parents for a little party.

The doorbell rang.
"I've got it." Alfred said coming inside from the garden.
Soon Liam and his parents, and his sisters came. His parents followed Alfred to the backyard and his sisters went to the theater room where Nialls brother, Harry sister, and Louis sisters where.
"Hey guys." Liam said with beats hanging around his neck, wearing sweats and a plain white tshirt.
"Hi." I said
"Aww come on Payne! Give me some sugar!" Louis said running picking him up. I laughed really hard.
"How have you been Paigers?"
Liam gave me a huge hug.
"Fine what about you daddy direction?"
"Amazing where are the rest of the boys?"
"Harry and Niall are having a little fit downstairs and Zayn hasn't arrived yet." Louis explained
"Having a fit about what?"
Louis pointed to me.
"Ah I see. I'm going to have a chat with them."
"Goodluck." Louis said taking a huge spoon full of ice cream and pointing another one at me to take.
I shook my head and laughed, "no."
"So you wanna go talk about it?"
What people don't know it that Louis may be funny and silly but he gets serious and gives the best advise.
"No.. Maybe, I don't know."
"Come on we can go take a walk."
I grabbed my coat, as did Louis.
We walked in silence until we were out of hearing point.
"So what's this about?"
"Harry likes me but I like Niall and Niall likes me but Niall has been making me mad because he try's to make Harry jealous and I like Harry but only as a friend." I rambled on. Louis stopped me, and looked at me.
"Then tell him Paige, Harry is a strong boy he'll understand. Don't lead him on. 'Cause that'll hurt him even more. Besides he has me." Louis said brightening me up.
"Louis what would I do with out you."
"I don't know frankly I've been asking my self that!"
"Whoa sassy tommo coming back."
We laughed and walked back to the house.

Harry, Niall, Liam and now Zayn were sitting in the living room/ waiting room.
"Zayn!" I yelled.
He ran up to me and hugged me.
They man hugged.
The rest of the boys looked at me.
"Uh Harry can I talked to you?"
I felt the room get tensed and awkward, or maybe that was just me.
"Then after I need to talk to you Niall."
All he did was nodded his head.
I led him to my room.

I sat on my bed, patting a spot for him to sit.
"So what's up?"
"Harry I like you a lot. Your a really good friend, but right now I just want to be friends. I don't want you to get hurt. I don't want you to wait for me either."
"I understand. I think."
"Please do. I didn't mean to come to England and mess up a beautiful friendship. I love you Harry, but just as a friend."
"I understand." He started to walk out the door, "just remember Paige I'll be waiting for you."
"Please don't Harry."
But it was too late he was gone.

I walked downstairs, Harry no where to be seen nor Louis.
I motioned Niall to take a walk with me.

"So?" He asked.
"Niall I like you.. A lot I want to start a relationship with you."
"Me too!"
"Just promise me you won't hurt me. I've gone through enough heart breaks."
"I promise." He said.
I turned to look at him, he crushed his lips to mine.
"So a new chapter begins." I whispered smiling.
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