Turning the Pages (One Direction Love Triangle)

What if one day you found out that Simon Cowell was your father? How would you take? Well, for Paige it wasn't easy, everyone she loved passed away, all she had was her father who left her and her mother before Paige was even born. Could Niall, from One Direction and one of her father clients, change everything for better?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

So here I was backstage where Simon left me with five boys he was mentouring that all go by the names of Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. They are in a band called One Direction who are apart of Simon's show The XFactor. They all kept asking me questions and just telling me random stuff. This deffintaly wasn't making me feel at home, usally at home I'd be by myself home studying or out with friends, normal friends, I'd like to add.

"So, you're like really buncle Simon's daughter?" Louis kept asking repeatly.

"Yes, Louis for the last time" I laughed, they were all such hyper teens.

"I think she's too pretty to be anything related to uncle Simon" Harry added, I blushed at his comment.

"Thank you Harry" but, it was true while Simon was tall I'm only 5'3, long brown hair with curlys at the end, I had rosy cheeks my eyes hazle, fair skin, so where does Simon's fetures come in? I guess, our smile is the same? Or same hair color? Other then that nothing really. Is Simon even my real father?

Thats when Liam took me right out of my thoughts, "Too bad Cher had to leave I think you too would've been the bestest of friends"

The boys come over with sadness, then Niall started to talk to change the topic, "So do you sing? Or dance or something?"

"Truth?" I asked them, they all nodded. "I use to sing, and my mom use to have me in dance classes... But ever since her passing, I haven't done any of those, I try to stay away from it, funny cause now I'm surround by it" I laughed, they looked at with wide eyes.

"Aww someone needs a hug" Louis yelled and gave me a huge hug. I laughed "Maybe my hugs aren't the best you probably need a Horan hug better" Louis turned me so I faced Niall. He was ready with open arms. We hugged, wow his hugs were really nice.

"One Direction to stage in 5 min" the stage director said.

"What song are you guys singing anyways?" I asked.

"Torn" Zayn said, wait what Zayn spoke? He hasn't spoken since I've gotton here.

"Hey he speaks" I said to lighten the Biritsh-Irish band nerves. They all laughed. "Well good luck!" I smiled as I watch them walk to were they will be entering the stage.

I was backstage with Rebecca, another xfactor contestant. She was really sweet, it must be very hard for everyone to chose between contestants, I just got here and I wanted everyone to win. Right now , I'm watching the boys sing on stage, they were really good. Rebecca was really nerves and shaky, "Hey don't worry" I smiled and gave her a hug. She smiled at me and said "Thank you."

Once the boys were done singing Matt, Rebecca and the boys had to go back on stage as they annouce who was going home tonight. I wait for them to annouce One Direction, moving on to the next round but their names don't get called out, instead Peter annouced that they didn't make it on. Simon looked mad and sad at the same time, all they boys looked really sad and if Niall was going to cry right on stage. They all said they're thanks you and the highlight of the show.

Once they got back stage Simon included, Simon started to speak "Well, boys this has been by far the best year, and thank you for being the goofballs that you are. I want to take you all out for dinner."

We all got in a black SUV, for some odd reason I was already feeling like family everyone is really making an effort to make me feel apart of their little family. Well then theirs Harry whos been frankly a little too friendly. At the moment his a little to close and has his arm around me. "Umm Harry?"

"Ya" he says. Looking straight into my eyes.

"Why is your arm around me?" I asked pulling his arm off of me.

"Oh sorry" He smiled a cheeky smile. I half smiled back, talk about awkward. Simon notice this and gave Harry the eye.

We finally arrived to a little resterant, with many flashing camera, Harry took my hand and led me into the resterant.

"Hello welcome to Olive Garden, follow me to your seats." The waiter said, we all followed him to a private booth in the back. When we got there I sat in between Harry and Niall, Harry was a little close.

He took my hand and whisper in my ear "You know Paige, you really do look pretty tonight." I let a giggle out and blushed, while mouthing 'thank you' all night he kept doing that while trying to play footise with me. Simon caught on half way through, but never said anything just looked at Harry.

Once we were all done Simon paid and once we were half way out the door Simon spoke.

"Umm, Harry can I have a word with you?"

"Uh sure" Harry went over to Simon. Simon look at all our confused faces but said "you guys go back to the car we will be there in a second." We all did.

Once we all got back to the car Liam was the first to speak, "I wonder what that was about?"

"Hmm.. Couldn't be because Harry was getting a little to close to Paige." I blushed at Zayn's comment.

"Oh come on guys you all know Harry doesn't like her, his too crazy about me" Louis said with a duh look, we all laughed. Simon and Harry got back to the
car, but Harry didn't sit next to me this time.

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