She's the Beauty with a Beat (One Direction)

She's the Beauty with a Beat (One Direction)

This is a story I just started writing on Wattpad, so I figure, why not put it up on here too? I don't know why I"m writing it, I just think it's fun. so here it is! Enjoy :]

Chapter 7

Teach me how to dougie, teach me-teach me how to... swim?

"Shh! Niall make your stomach shut up!" someone whisper shouted, followed by a quiet slap.

"Stop with the abuse already! Let's get him." another voice sounded, and I turned to my side slightly, meeting up with a warm object. Smiling slightly, I curled up closer to it, feeling the heat radiate through me. I felt something tighten around me, but just took a deep breath and let myself relax.

"GOODMORNING LOU!" four obnoxious voices sounded, and then I was hit with silly string.

"What the h*l?" I asked, peeling the silly string from my face.

"Alexa!" They all shouted in surprise.

"What?!" I asked, looking at all of them.

"We-we, thought you-you were on the c-c-couch." Harry stuttered, looking between Louis and I. I turned my head to look at him. His eyes were still tired, his hair sticking up in random places. He still had his arms wrapped around my waist.

Lou flopped back down onto his pillow, almost dragging me with him. "Go away." he groaned, pointing towards the door.

"You hungry Alexa?" Niall asked, and I nodded, about to get out of bed. Louis pulled me back down to him, crushing my head against his chest.

"No." he muttered, holding me too him. I looked up at him, seeing a small smirk on his face, but his eyes closed.

"Lou, I'm hungry." I told him, and he laughed.

"When aren't you hungry?" he questioned, I put on a pouty face.

"That was rude." I told him, looking away.

"Aw love, don't be made at me." he whispered in my ear, and I felt a chill go down my spine.

"I'm not mad. I'm hungry." I reminded him, and he sighed.

"Five more minutes." he groaned, and I rolled my eyes, but giggled softly, looking back at the boys.

"We'll be down in ten minutes." I told them, and they nodded, leaving the room. "Lou, let me up." I told him, pressing a hand against his chest. I couldn't help but marvel at his smooth, tanned skin, his muscles showing from beneath.

"No." he said quickly, holding me tighter.

"Im not a teddy bear." I pointed out.

"Your my teddy bear." he muttered, leaning his head on mine.

"Well then, this teddy bear needs to get ready." I laughed, trying to shove him off of me.

"You look fine." he mumbled.

"So you want me to go down there in just a shirt?" I smirked, and his eyes shot open.

"Go change." he said immediantly, pushing me out of bed.

"Jeez! Alright, you need to get dressed too." I told him pointedly.

"Maybe I don't want to." he teased, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"Alright, then get mobbed." I dared, and he narrowed his eyes at me while he slipped on a pair of blue chinos.

I grabbed a pair of short shorts that were extremely worn, and slipped them on, jabbing my thumb through the button hole to get the stupid thing through. Tearing my shirt off, I dug through my suitcase again, and grabbed a tiedyed crop swing tank, sliding into it easily. Going thorugh my jewelery, I slipped on a bunch of friendship bracelets Cass and I had made awhile ago, and a peace sign heart ring.

After grabbing my makeup bag, I walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open as I pulled the cap off my eyeliner. Using a light hand, I made a thin line on my upper lash line, and then ran my mascara through my lashes until they were just the way I liked them. Putting that back, I pulled out a soft pink lip stick, and smoothed it across my lips just as Louis came to stand in the doorway.

Lou was dressed in a pair of blue chinos, with a pair of red TOMS on. He was wearing his usual stripped teeshirt, it was creme with black stripes,and his hair was still tousled from this morning.

Rubbing my lips together, I put on just a touch of lipgloss, and then walked out of the bathroom, back to my bags. I grabbed a brown fringed shoulder bag and slipped my phone, wallet, and lip gloss into it before sliping it over my head and across my shoulder. Pulling out a pair of faded yellow converse, I pulled them on before standing straight and looking over at Louis.

"Ready?" he asked, and I nodded, walking over to him. "They're all in the lobby waiting for us." he told me, and I nodded once again.

Walking out of the room, we continued down the hallway in silence, stepping into an elevator. When the doors closed, the stupid elevator music started up, and after a few seconds, I got bored, so I started to spice it up.

Louis turned to look at me as I started beatboxing, something I didn't do often but loved to do, and a smile spread onto his face. I tried not to smile so that I could keep going, but his face made me laugh, so I had to stop.

"How do you do that?" he asked as we stepped out of the elevator.

"I'm not really sure. I learned so I would always have something to dance to." I told him honestly as we met up with the boys.

"That is so cool." Louis complimented, and I flashed him a smile.

"What's so cool?" Harry asked as we turned to meet the rest of the group.

"Liam, do your thing." Louis told Liam, and as we started walking out of the building -surrounded by security of course- Liam started beatboxing. I nodded my head along with it, and then when he stopped, Louis looked to me. Licking me lips, I started as we continued walking, ignoring all the screaming fans that were trying to get to the boys. They all turned to look at me with wide eyes, and Louis smirked. Even some of the security guys turned to look.

"Alexa! We love you!" a group of girls shouted from the line. I waved to them, and kept on beatboxing, danceing around a little bit.

Murmurs began running thorugh the crowd as we got closer and closer, and they got quiet.

"She's really good."

"Isn't she a dancer?"

"Who knew a girl could do that!"

With one final breath and a flick to my throat, I stopped, and the guys erupted into cheers.

"That's amazing!" Zayn shouted, looking at me in awe.

"Go ahead, show me up." Liam said, faking offense.

"Aw, Li, I didn't mean to show you up." I told him, wrapping him into a hug.

"Come on guys, you want to eat or what?" Paul asked from inside the van we were suppose to climb into. Niall and I looked at each other and then hurried into the van, me practically sitting ontop of him.

"Niall, you're really comfortable." I commented, wiggling on his lap to get comfortable. All the guys laughed at Niall as he sat there straight faced, leaning back against the seat. I smirked slightly and looked over at Harry, sending him a wink. He laughed again, and I leaned back onto Niall.

"Where are we going?" I asked, looking for someone to answer.

"NANDO'S!" all the boys shouted, and I covered my ears.

"Do they even have one around here?" Paul asked, looking back at the boys from the passenger seat.

"Yup!" Niall responded enthusiastically.

"Of course you would know, Niall." Paul teased, and Niall pouted, wrapping his arms around my chest.

"Alexa brought us there. Right Lex?" he asked, smiling at me.

"That's right." I told him, grinning at him and flicking his nose.

"You guys act like a couple." Louis pointed out, and Niall stuck out his tongue.

"Says the guy who wouldn't let her go this morning." Harry reminded him and I laughed slightly, knowing it was true.

"Well who would want to let go?" Louis quizzed, and all the guys nodded, thinking it over while I turned into a tomato.

"Aw look at her blush." Liam cooed, and Zayn grabbed my cheeks.

"Stop it." I grumbled, my face darkening another shade. They all laughed and Zayn let go of my face. Covering my face, I fell over so I was laying across Niall, Liam and Harry.

"Really Alexa? Look at that nice seat over there for you." Harry laughed when I layed my head in his lap.

"And for 100 pounds, it's all yours!" Louis shouted, using his announcer voice.

"Like I know what that is." I scoffed, wrapping my arms around Harrys waist. "Your soft." I muttered to him, closing my eyes.

"Am not! Do you not see these rock hard abs?" he asked, lifting his shirt up. I poked his stomach, and shrugged my shoulder.

"Eh." I told him, and he gawked at me wide eyed. "You wanna feel abs?" I questioned him, and he gave me a challenging look. I lifted up my shirt and motioned for him to touch. I clench my stomach mucsles, and when he poked he looked at me in shock.

"Damn." he muttered, falling back in his seat.

"Told you." I stated, winking at him while the other guys laughed.

"You must eat a lot of carrots." Louis pointed out, and the boys all laughed softly, rolling their eyes slightly.

"Mm, my favorite!" I told him, patting my stomach.

"Really?" he asked, an extremely excited grin streching across his face.

"Would I joke about carrots?" I asked him, raising my eyebrows. I was instantly in his lap, being crushed against his chest.

"SHE"S MINE!" he screamed, and all the boys laughed nervously while I was cowered into his chest.

"Um, Lou. Can you let me up?" I laughed, having to look up at him through my lashes.

"NEVER!" he shouted again, and turned away from all the guys, leaving them laughing as I squirmed helplessly. But to be honest, I couldn't help but like it. His arms were so strong, and he was radiating warmth and safety.

"We're here!" Paul announced, opening the door, but taking a step back when he saw us. Louis bolted out, still holding me in his arms as if to protect me from something.

"Louis!" I giggled, feeling kind of awesome with myself that he seemed to have no trouble holding me.

"I must protect my Carrot Princess!" he bellowed, his voice sounding stange as he attempted to lower it in a manly way. I couldn't help but giggle at the serious look on his face, but when he caught me looking, he stuck his tongue out and made a weird face, making me laugh again.

"C'mon mate, we're hungry." Niall groaned, and everyone nodded their heads.

"I"m not stopping you." Lou put in, setting me back on my feet.

"Thank you Lou." I spoke, and he just flashed me another goofy smile. With a soft giggle, I wrapped my arm around his, pulling myself just a little closer. He glanced down at me, a smile playing around the edges of his lips.

The guys all piled out of the car, chattering away and pushing one another as we walked to the door. Louis hung back with me, and when no one was looking, he intertwined our fingers, not even glancing at me, though I could see the smile on his face. I blushed lightly, looking down at my feet, my eyes flashing over to our hands.

Walking into the resturaunt, it was the same hostess as before, and I couldn't help but smirk as her smile faltered when her eyes landed on me. I gave a fake smile, and a little finger wave. Her eyes flashed down to Louis's and I's entwined hands, and she shot me daggers. I just smiled back, and she rolled her eyes, turning to talk to Harry as she grabbed the menu's.

"Sorry, but we don't allow sk
ks in our resturaunt." the hostess said to me as I was about to sit down.

"Then why did they hire you?" I challenged, and her jaw clenched. That's right, bi

"C'mon love." Louis said, pulling my arm down to sit next to him. Giving one more look to the hostess, I sat down, Niall sitting on my right.

"Don't worry mate, she's just jealous." Liam comforted, grabbing my hand from across the table.

"I know. I'm fine." I said, flashing an obnoxious smile to make them chuckle. On the inside though, I wanted to crawl into a corner and hug my knees. I didn't like being called things, or insulted. I acted as though it didn't bother me, but every word was a blow, and it left a mark.

"What are you going to get?" Louis asked as I pushed the menu away.

"I'm not very hungry." I told him, crossing my arms across my chest and sinking into the seat. His humorous faqade faded as he looked at me, his eyes full of concern. I loved this side of Louis. I mean, I loved how funny he was and how nothing ever bothered him, but I liked how he could be serious and caring at times, too.

"You were just telling me how hungry you were. What's up?" he whispered, leaning in towards me. His brilliant blue eyes watched mine, his eyebrows furrowing as he waited for an answer.

"I"m gonna go get some air." I announced, practically crawling over Niall to get out of the booth. I could feel the guys staring as I shoved open the door, stepping out into the warm air of Los Angeles. Walking through the parking lot, I stepped into the grassy area where the fence was seperating one resturaunt from another. Leaning against the fence, I slid down until my butt hit the grass, and pulled my knees up to my chest, wrapping my arms around my legs.

Leaning my head onto my arms, I started taking a deep breaths. Another one of my flaws; I don't do good with insults and criticism. And it freaking sucks.

Hearing foot steps, I looked up to see Liam walking my way. He jogged over to me, and slid down next to me.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked, looking over at me.

"I just, it's one thing I can't stand. I can't take insults. I don't take criticism very well. I've always tried to just be perfect so that I didn't have to be critiqued. My d-dad would call me things, and I guess that's where it came from, but it just sucks." I told him, leaning my head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder, rubbing up and down my arm.

"Alexa, if you ever need any of us, just let us know. We all love you already, your a part of the Direction Family. We'll always be there for you." Liam spoke honestly, and I wrapped my arms around his chest, burying my face in his shirt.

"Thank you Liam." I whispered as he returned the embrace.

"Anytime mate." he said softly, kissing my forehead. We sat for a few minutes, watching the cars go by and listening to the busy lives of people as they passed. "Are you hungry?" he asked, looking down at me again. I nodded, and he stood up, offering me his hand. I accepted, pulling myself up and then brushing off my shorts.

We walked back into the resturaunt, Niall immediantly getting out of the booth as we walked up so I could slide back in next to Louis. Scooting in, Louis grabbed my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine under the table.

"We ordered for you." Harry told Liam and I, and I smiled greatfully.

"Are you alright?" Louis whispered in my ear, his breath making my skin tingle. I nodded, a small smile sneaking it's way onto my face. He smiled back, bumping me with his shoulder.

"What are we doing after this?" I asked, looking at all the guys. They all looked at each other, thinking faces on. I laughed at their ridiculous poses and faces, escpecially Louis's.

"Not sure. Do you want to do anything in particular?" Harry asked, winking at me, and wiggling his eyebrows.

"Can we go to the beach?" I asked, a wide smile on my face. They all looked at each other again and nodded at me, grins on their lips. It was just a little after noon, and we had to be at the arena by six.

"Sounds like a plan." Liam agreed, and I smiled over at him, silently thanking him for everything. He gave a small grin in return with a small nod.

Then, a waitress came to our table, carrying a big tray pf plates. "Alright, now who ordered to Peri Peri Chicken?"


"Hurry up Lou!" I screamed, practically jumping out of my seat as the beach came into view. I was a total water baby. I've grown up around water, and I absoluetly loved it.

"It's not like there's carrots down there. Calm down." Louis scoffed, pulling into the parking lot. This was a private beach, and I was greatful to see we were one of three cars parked on the large square of pavement.

I flung my door open, flying out of the car, ditching my shoes as my feet hit the soft sand. I pulled my white coverup over my head and dropped it a little farther from my shoes as I continued running down the beach. A large smile snuck it's way onto my lips as I got closer and closer to the water.

As soon as my feet hit the water, I dove in head first, feeling the cool water refresh my warm skin. Resurfacing, I looked over to see Zayn picking up my shoes and dress for me while I floated on my back, kicking out farther into the gentle waves.

Louis was the first to make it into the water, ripping his shirt off as he ran after me, jumping in the water, swimming over to me and tugging on my feet. Laughing, I put both my hands on his head and shoved him under water before fleeing deeper into the crystal blue waves.

"Where'd she go?" Louis asked the other guys as they jumped in the water, water flying off of his hair as he spun around looking for me.

"I don't know." Zayn said, sitting on the sand.

"Zayn, why aren't you coming in?" I asked, swimming to where I could stand. He looked away awkwardly and Harry swam over to my side, leaning in towards my ear.

"He can't swim." Harry whispered, looking over towards Zayn who was looking at us. I flashed him a smile and he grinned shyly in return. Trying not to make huge splashes, I walked over to Zayn and sat on the sand next to him, water dripping off my body as the waves nipped at my toes.

Leaning over, I placed my lips by his ear and covered them with my hand, so that the others wouldn't be able to see.

"Do you want me to teach you?" I volunteered, pulling my head away to look at him. He looked into my eyes and then bit his lip before nodding. "You'll be fine. I swear I'll be by your side the whole time." I reassured him, a wide smile on my face as I stood up, offering him my hand. He grabbed it and pulled himself up, locking his fingers with mine as we walked into the water.

"Yeah Zayn! You can do this mate!" the guys all shouted, clapping and smiling as he looked over at them.

I walked him out so that we were standing with the water to our chests. "I'm gonna teach you how to float on your back first, alright? Just like this." I told him, bringing my legs up and floating on my back, smiling at him. He grinned back nervously as I straightened myself out. "You don't mind if I like help you though, right?" I asked, and he shook his head, inching closer to me. "Alright, this may seem kind of weird, but I kind of need to be holding you first." I told him, checking his face to see if he was alright with that. He glanced back at the boys and they nodded encouragingly while I shot them all warning looks. They all nodded in understanding to me.

"Alright, I'm ready." Zayn informed me with a curt nod. Smiling at him, I held my arms out, and he sat himself down, breathing heavily.

"Now, I want you to take a deep breath. You don't have to hold it, just relax yourself." I told him, and he nodded before taking a deep breath through his nose and exhaling out of his mouth. "Thats awesome! Alright, now I want you to straighten out like your laying on something. Don't worry, I'll have my hands on you the whole time." I told him and he looked at me nervous.

"Do you promise?" he managed to whisper, and I gave him a big smile, nodding my head.

"Cross my heart and hope to die." I told him seriously, and he nodded again, before straightening his stomach out. "Great! Good Zayn. Now, I'm going to let go just a little bit. I want you to float mostly on your own." I told him. When I didn't recieve a response, I dropped my hands in the water a little bit, so they were just brushing his back while he floated on the water, subcontiously kicking and paddling to keep himself afloat.

I removed my hands comepletley, and watched as his chest rose and fell with his breathing, his eyes closed as he concentrated on floating. "Zayn that is so amazing! That's great! Now, if you feel like you can do it, kick your feet a little harder, and use your arms as pattles to swim back to the beach. I'm right next to you." I instructed, making sure I was loud enough so he could hear me.

A few moments later, he started gliding back towards the beach, until his butt hit the sand in the shallow part of the water. He sat up and looked at me, a large smile on his face.

"I'm so proud of you!" I squealed, tackling him in a hug as the other guys came running over, congratulating him.

"GROUP HUG!" Louis screamed, and everyone toppled onto us, encasing us in a large embrace.

"Niall, I can't breath." I stated, my voice soft with lack of oxygen.

"Niether can I." he barely managed, coughing a laugh. Louis practically had everyone smashed together, somehow managing to get his arms around all of us.

"Boobear, I... need... air..." Harry choked dramatically, and Louis squeezed tighter. I let out a startled cry as I actually felt my chest constrict from lack of oxygen. Kicking behind me, my foot met what I was hoping to be my target, and I was correct as I felt Lou's arms slide from around us. I was happy with myself till I heard a thump, and looked over to see Louis curled up on the ground, his hands between his legs.

"Whoops." I laughed nervously while the guys all broke out into loud fits of laughter.

"You... monster..." Louis groaned, rolling onto his back, his legs still tucked up and his hands cupped over his... lower region.

"Wasn't my fault." I teased, whistling obliviously, twirling a strang of my hair as I let my eyes wander everywhere except the british boy on the ground. This made the guys laugh even harder, Harry even collapsed on the ground, going into the fetal position. Niall was leaning over, his eyes squeezed closed, much like the others, his arms wrapped around his waist. Zayn and Liam were leaning onto each other, holding each other for support as the belted out laughter.

I could feel the giggleds starting to creep up on me as I watched them, and I couldn't help but start laughing, and soon enough I was clutching at my sides like the others.

"Help... me..." Louis coughed out looking at me pleadingly. Still giggling, I held out my hand to him, which he gladly accepted. I pulled him up, trying to cover my giggles as he glared at me.

"S-s-o-o-r-r-" I tried spitting out, but broke out into laughter again, falling on the ground next to Haz. My actions caused the boys to begin laughing again, and soon enough we had tears in our eyes while Louis stared unapprovingly at us.

"Apology NOT excepted." Louis told me, screaming the 'not'.

"Aw Lou, don't be mad at me. It wasn't on purpose." I pouted, sitting up and looking up at him through my lashes.

"You owe me big time missy." he reminded me, and then stomped off, slightly wet and covered in sand.

"Hey LI, what time is it?" Harry called over to Liam, who was over by our towels. He pulled someones phone from the pile and unlocked it.

"4:27. We should probably get going so we can shower." he commented, and I shot up tp get my stuff.

"I call the shower first!" I yelled, throwing my coverup on and slipping on my flip flops. The guys all groaned, and I walked away, leaving them with the rest of our things.


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