Lullaby.....(A Twilight Love Story)

Hope You Guys Like It:))

Chapter 1

Character/ Forks

by: Pretty_Me
Name: Mia Anahi Cullen
Age: 18 (Is Really 100)
Is Half Vampire Half Human, So She Sleeps, Eats, And Stuff Like That
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Electric Blue, Turn Pale Blue When Hungry
Ethnic: Hispanic
Was "Adopted" By Carlisle and Esme When The Family Took A Vacation To Mexico
Power: Duplicates Near Vampires Powers, Like For Example, When She's Near Edward She Can Read Minds, When She's Near Alice She Sees The Future, And So On.


"Wake up, Mia,"Alice said entering my room. I opeened my eyes and groaned. Today I'll be starting school with the rest of my family. The story for the next three or so years will be that we moved here to Forks, for the first time, which is a lie, because we liked little places.
Rose and Jasper are twins, and Edward and Alice also, and Emmett their older brother. Bella is Nessie older sisters, and I'm Rose's and Jasper's little sister. I will be entering my sophmore year with Nessie, three more years of high school. Can you say torture? Oh well, Carlisle and Esme adopted us because Esme couldn't have children and she wanted a huge family.
"I'm up,"I replied standing up and stretching.
"I layed your clothes out for you,"she said as she walked out, probably going to wake up Ness. I rolled my eyes, Alice always picks out my clothes, and never lets me use the same one twice.
Today she picked a blue shirt with a cool design, black skinny jeans, and some three inch knee length boots.
"Aice what would I do with out you,"I whispered.
"Probably get lost in the fashion sense,"I heard her replied. A small chuckle escaped my mouth. Sometimes I forget I live with a bunch of vampires.
I grabbed the clothes and a towel and went directly towards the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror and was happy with the result. I blow dried my hair and Rose did my make up.
"Mia,let's go! We don't want to be late!,"I heard Emmett groan from downstairs.
"Esperate!,"I whispered knowing he'll hear me.
"What?,"he asked annoyed. He hates it when I speak in spanish, since it's his worst language.
"She said to wait,"replied Edward for me.
"Oh good, I thought she had insulted me,"said Emmett relieved. Laughter filled the house, only Emmett would think that.
"And that's why your taking Spanish this year,"I called out. Laughter filled the house again, probably his expression.
I went down stairs, vampire speed, and saw that everybody was ready.
"Ready,"I said as I grabbed my backpack and put it on.
"Okay, here's your schedule, you have first through Fifth with Ness,"said Edward handing it to me,"We all have lunch together."
"Great,"I said rolling my eyes. Another dumb year in high school, but the younger we start, the longer we can stay.
"Okay, so let's get moving,"said Emmett glaring at me.
Watch your back, teddy bear, I thought with a smirk.
When are you two going to stop fighting?, asked Edward. We always have this private conversations, which come in handy at times.
When he stops being such a baby, I simply replied walking outside.
Well, good luck with that...oh and Emmett is taking you to school, he replied laughing in his mind and physically.
"What?,"I asked out loud.
"By her reaction, I'm guessing you told her,"said Jasper. Edward simply nodded, as Ness laughed.
"No, why can't you take me?,"I whinned following them outside. Emmett's laugh boomed through the air, he knew I knew.
"Don't worry, I won't bite,"said Emmett flashing his pearl white teeth.
You are going to pay for this, I told Edward jumping on Emmett's jeep, and with that we sped away to school.

The whole way there Emmett put songs I hated, singing out loud with them. Luckly, I had my Ipod and I drown him out. We arraived and parked next to each other, everybody's eyes were already on us. They all knew each other, probably since birth, and here come eigth new, beautiful students.
Beautiful. Wow. I wonder if she's taken? Who are they? I heard everybody thoughts, thanks to Edward. Sometimes I can tune them off, but today I wanted to know what everybody was thinking.
"I love this,"Emmett whispered, too low for the human ear to capture, loving the attention, which got him a smack on the head by Rose.
"Good one,"I whispered with a light smirk.
"Watch your back,"replied Emmett bumping into me.
"You really want to start something right now?,"I asked turning around, but Edward quickly got me.
"A girl beating up a tall muscular man will look suspicious,"he whispered.
"She won't beat me!,"exclaimed Emmett laughing.
"That's it,"I said getting out of Edwrad's grip, just to find myself in Jasper's arm. Soon I felt calm, and I knew Jasper was working his magic on me, no fair!
"Fiesty chick, awsome!,"I heard someone say.
We all turn our direction towards the voice to see we were the center of attention.
"Nice job,"Edward exclaimed under his breath with much sarcasm.
"No problem brother,"Emmett replied.
"Let's just get to class before someone does something worse,"said Bella annoyed.
I knew this was going to be a long day!


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