Dying Together

Three teenagers all fall into a coma after different incidences at the same time and are all brought to the same hospital. They all think they wake up, but when they open their eyes they see their body still laying on the cot, they see they're not really awake. No one else can see them, but they can see eachother. Together they must find out how to get themselves to really wake up, or if they even want to wake up at all. Written by me (StaceyCasey), babykaygurl, and RedGoneBlue. Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Before (Kim's POV)

First the characters:

Name: Kim Amberry
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Feels things strongly, kind, caring, bold, stands up to people
Looks: Curly blond hair that goes to her back, brown eyes, slender, tall
Background: Usually a loner but plays two different school sports, her boyfriend Dylan and her had a fight before the coma, lives with just her mom and her older brother Jordan, lost her dad in a fire a few years ago, doesn't know where her future is going to go

Name: Rainy Neil
Gender: female
Personality: egocentric, smart, blunt, pretends to be stupid, tries to conform with popular kids
Looks: curly black hair, blue almond shaped eyes, average height, tanned skin
Background: played volleyball, ran track. The second of three children in her family, often ignored. Tried to fit in with the popular kids even though she doesn't really like them.

Name: Joel Nickson
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: Kind, Funny, Can be Headstrong, Smart, Brave, Strong, Bossy, Wild,
Looks: Dark hair in a Bieber flick, Blue eyes, Tall, Slim but Muscular, Fairly Pale skin, a Few Freckles,
Background: Parents and older brother were killed in a Car Crash (hint hint), has a younger sister, Kassie (10), likes sports, is a bit of a party animal and has a Girlfriend named Carla.


Some people say they know when something bad will happen. For me? There was no warning at all.

I woke up before my alarm went off, I was so excited. It was the first day of summer and tonight Dylan, my boyfriend, was throwing a party at his parent's beach house.

I lept out of bed to get ready for the day. The party didn't start till eight, so Mom gave me a list of chores to finish while she was at work. My brother, Jordan, was at soccer camp and wouldn't be home for another two weeks. I didn't really mind though, I was used to it.

After I threw on jean shorts and a blue tank top, I combed and then braided my unruly blond curls before heading down stairs to make myself breakfast. On the counter was my Mom's reliable list of chores that I had to finish before I went to Dylan's party. I poured myself a bowl of cereal before reading it. It was surprisingly short:

Kimberly, don't forget to:
1. Clean your room
2. Sweep the kitchen
3. Throw out the expired food (something stinks in the fridge)
4. Go grocery shopping
5. Water the flowers
6. Wash the dirty dishes in the sink
Love, Mom

I wrinkled my nose at number three. I decided to do that first, and then I sniffed out the expired chicken. "Gross," I muttered as I threw it away and then sprayed aerosol throughout the kitchen. I grabbed my phone and saw Dylan had already called. When I called him back he picked up on the second ring.

"Hey," he answered cheerfully.

"Hi, so did you call me?" I asked, and then took my cell with me upstairs.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out before the party," Dylan suggested.

"Can't," I said and started to make the bed with the phone between my shoulder and ear, "my Mom left me with a list of chores again."

He paused. "Your mom isn't there?"

"No, but what does~ oh." I stopped making the bed.

"What do you think?" He asked, his voice sounding hopeful.

I bit my lip. We'd talked about this before. I wanted to, I just wasn't sure I was ready. "How about this. You can come over, but instead of making my bed even more messy, you help me make it along with my other chores."

Thankfully I heard his laughter on the other end. "Sure. I'll be there in five minutes, Berly," he said, using his nickname for me. It was the other half of my name. It always made me smile.

"'Kay, see you in five. Love you," I said.

"Love you," he said back before hanging up.

We'd started telling each other that last month, and now it just felt as natural as saying normal goodbyes. I finished my room and had started sweeping the kitchen by the time the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Dylan standing there with a sheepish grin, he was holding out to me a rose from our rose bush.

I laughed and took it. "Thanks, why don't you come in Romeo."

"I think I shall. But not without doing this first," he said and leaned in, taking my chin in his hand and kissing me. Forgetting the rose, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer and into the house. "Are you sure you don't want to...?" he trailed off, asking against my lips.

I hesitated. Was I ready? We loved each other and this was the best opportunity we'd probably get. But... "Another time," I promised and kissed him once more before pulling away. Catching my breath I handed him the broom. "Would you mind sweeping while I wash the dishes?"

"One condition," he asked, but took the broom. "After we finish the list, can we talk? I need to tell you something."

"Why don't you just tell me now?" I asked, curious.

He shook his head. "I don't want to ruin the mood," he joked.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine. All that's left is to water the flowers and buy groceries. Do you think you could drive me?"

"Sure," he said with that sweet smile of his. I bit my lip, resisting the urge to wrap my arms around him again.

While he swept the rest of the floor I washed the dishes. He told me about how pretty much everyone at our school was coming to his party. Apparently there was going to be everything to do there from swimming to drinking contests. I looked away and shut my eyes. Had he forgotten already? The firemen had told us the cause of the fire that killed my dad was from alcohol abuse. From then my Mom never had a drink again.

I would've said something to Dylan, but he just looked so excited, I didn't want to ruin his mood. So I just took some deep breaths that Dylan didn't notice. Tonight would be fine. And I'd have fun. Don't worry about it, I told myself. You haven't had any real fun since before Dad died. Just don't think about it.

"Berly? Kim? Kim?" I heard Dylan's voice come from right behind me.

I was so surprised I splashed soap and water all over me. "Crap, sorry," I muttered. "Did you say something?"

"Just that I finished. Do you want me to grab you a new shirt?" He asked, while setting the broom down.

"Oh, okay. And yeah could you? This one's soaked through," I laughed.

"Sure," he said and went up.

While he was gone I finished washing and set the dishes out to dry. When I set the last dish down I felt arms wrap around my waist. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Dylan kissed me lightly before handing me my new shirt.

"Thanks," I whispered and nuzzled into his neck. I stayed like that for a moment, just storing this perfect moment to memory. Then with a sigh I pulled away and pulled the new shirt over my head. I realized it was one of his I'd stolen awhile ago and it still smelt just like him. A cologne he got whenever he went on vacation to Nantucket during the summer, and detergent.

"Your welcome. So do you think we could talk now?" Dylan asked, his tone getting more serious.

"Okay," I said and took his hand to bring him to the living room. "What's up?"

"Well, I've already made a decision about this, and my parents are okay with it. I just wanted to tell you," he started. Then he just blurted out, "I'm going into the armed forces in the fall."

At first I just sat there. I didn't really take it in. It made sense, he liked to be fit and work out, he played lots of sports, his grandpa had been a veteran, and he had a tough skin. But then it clicked, what he'd said before. I've already made a decision, he'd said. Dylan didn't even plan on me talking him out of it. After this summer he'd be gone.

"But... wait... what does this mean... for you and me?" I asked slowly.

"Berly, I love you. I want us to stay together." Then he grabbed my hands, like he was afraid I would be gone too soon. "It won't matter how many miles apart we'll be. I'll write to you, and after a few years, we can be together. Nothing will change."

I blinked, still trying to absorb what he was saying. We'll be miles apart, the though echoed through my mind. A few years, he'd said, like that was nothing. I stared at our hands. Sure he wanted me now. But what would happen in two or three years? What if he decided he didn't anymore? Would I be stuck waiting, waiting for nothing?

Blinking back tears, I shoved him away and ran into the kitchen. For a second I thought about running upstairs and just locking the door. But then I'd be able to hear him outside. So instead I turned and quickly ran out the front door, tears streaking my face.

"Kim!" Dylan called behind me. He had a bigger build but I was a faster runner. I rubbed my eyes as I went and felt pavement below my feet. "Kim! Kim, stop!" I heard him yell.

But it was too late, because when I looked up I didn't even have time to scream as a car sent me flying into the air. Before it all got bitterly confusing, I felt the painful crunch as my head and back made contact with the pavement.

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