Draco Malfoy- gotta love and hate him- part 5

Draco Malfoy- gotta love and hate him- part 5

Okay in this one I'm going to try a Draco's POV but tell me what you think. I might not be able to do any more chapters in the next couple of days... Work :(

Chapter 1

My true motives

Regular POV
I woke up and headed downstairs for breakfast. I walked over to George and gave him a kiss. Not too long after I sat down at the Gryffindor table Draco came over. He gave me a hug and sat at the Slytherin table.
Draco's POV
I hugged her to see if Weasly would like it or not. He didn't so now I can start my plan. The only reason I asked her to be my friend is so that I could try to break them up. First I need to make it seem like she's cheating on him with me. Next make her jealous, That's where Pansy comes in. Then when he breaks up with her she'll coming crawling to me. where I'll turn her down. This has to work.
"Draky-poo pay attention to me." Pansy said frowning making her look more like a dog. I pretend to listen to her nodding and saying yeah. I don't know about Jadea she's not like any girl here for one thing she doesn't even notice me. For another she hates me ...she is hot though. I look over at the Gryffindor's table and she's smiling a real smile she doesn't do that with us, well except Blaise. I see her grab Weasly's hand and he blushes, she smiles sweetly at him and kisses his cheek. She pulls him up and says goodbye to her friends and they left. One guess who's in charge of that relationship, I would never go out with a girl like that they get in your head too much. She already is I'm sitting here thinking about a girl who already has a boyfriend. I finish up and head to potions and Jadea and Weasly are snogging! She pulls away smiling a breath-taking smile and says goodbye. I follow her into potions and sit in my set and Blaise sits next to her. She huggs him and says they don't hang out that much this year and gives him a puppy dog face. He laughs and says sure, why does she like him and not me. Class starts and we got to make our own potions today almost everyone had failed except me,of course and Jadea. Is there anything she can't do!? We finish up our classes and I intercepted Blaise.
"Why Does Jadea like you?"
"I don't know, man." I just wander and before I know it it's dark and I am heading up to the Slytherin common room and I bump into someone...

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