(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

ok well, it's been two weeks since Ally came back from Hell with Loki... pretty dramatic...
If you haven't read Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story, heres a link...

ok bye!

Chapter 1

With Great Power...

I am supposed to be dead, I thought as I looked into my mirror. I should be in the Underworld, not here, not in luxury with Loki. I DIED last month, and it's nearly been two weeks since I've been here. Clint's arrow burst through a kidney, shattered my stomach, and penetrated my liver. I lost way too much blood and too many vital organs were damaged. Yet, I was back in the golden toom in Loki's hideout. I lifted my t-shirt up to see if the scar from the arrow was still there, as I did everyday since I came back. The ugly brown gash on my side was still there, staring at me like always. I shuttered as I looked up and studied my features in the mirror. Same eyes, same hair, same worried look. What did Hel do to me? I vaguely remember something... Hel saying stuff over me... but I can't remember the rest. I looked at the time. 11:00. Maybe I should get some rest, terrorize myself some more later. I sprawled out on the bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.
I saw a blonde woman standng on a bridge that looked like glass. It was multicolored, like a rainbow. She looked depressed, pained. There was a glowing light around her, as if SHE was glowing. A man came up to the woman, looking sorry for her.
"Where is he, Heimdall?" the woman said to the man. Heimdall looked strange, wearing armor but he seemed important.
"He is in Midgard, Sigyn. He is with a Midgardian, Allison Bridgette Barton. He loves her." He sighed as he saw tears form in Sigyn's eyes. One dripped onto the rainbow bridge as she turned away.
"He said that he loved me too." Sigyn looked Heimdall in the eyes for a moment. "Take me to Angrboda."
"But, Sigyn..."
"Please? She should know, too." Heimdall put his staff into a part made for it.
My dream shifted to a firey hot place, filled with lava and rocks. Sigyn was there with a dark haired woman next to her scowling.
"Are you sure, Sigyn? It was bad losing Loki to you, after three kids and all..."
"Angrboda, I'm positive. Heimdall even said that he truly loved her and everything..."
"But a Midgardian..."
"Yeah," Sigyn sighed. Angrboda and Sigyn stopped at the foot of a dark throne. Seated was a woman younger than the two, but what was weird was her face. Half of her face was beautiful, as an angel while the other half looked as a skeleton, hideously mangled.
"Dear mother, Angrboda, and Sigyn, my stepmother, what do you ask of?" the creature spoke in the softest of voice.
"Hel, we heard that the Midgardian is here, the one Loki loves," Angrboda spoke.
"Of course. What a pity, she was so beautiful..." Hel said. She motioned towards a case, hovering in midair. The three women go to it and see a woman... me.
"Can she see us?" Sigyn whispered.
"She can and hear us. But she won't remember it." Hel concluded. The women looked at me again, dangling in midair.
"Maybe she can be a servant. Her beauty is just too beautiful to waste... Or a guard! Yes, she can be a guardian of Hel!" Sigyn said.
"Well, she is powerful. From what I heard..." Hel turned to the women and asked them to leave. After they bid farewell, she turned to me and mumbled an incantation. My body was lifting from the ground higher, higher. She stopped and my body fell back as a small devilish creature scurried towards Hel.
"Madam, Sire Loki came for the girl. What should I tell him..."
"Wait." She looked back towards me as she left for her throne. All of a sudden, Loki's voice filled the air...
"GAH!!!!" I jolted awake abruptly in a cold sweat. I looked at the clock with weary eyes. 3:30. Damn, not again. I crept out of bed and walked down the hallways slowly until I reached Loki's door in my tshirt and shorts. I slowly opened the door, not wanting to wake him up. I looked at his bed. He was quietly snoring, dreaming sweet dreams in his striped boxers. I slowly and silently, as a ninja, crept into his bed to cuddle with the man I call my own. I was quite comfortable as my eyes slowly drooped, engulfing me in a dreamless sleep.
I awoke again, this time staying awake. 9:30. Time for breakfast. I tiredly walked into the dining room, half asleep, as I sat down at the table with heart waffles staring at me.
" Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," Loki said, taking a bite out of his waffles. He was so cute, but that wasn't what was on my mind this morning.
"I had such a strange dream last night. There were these three women and a man. They were talking about us, this Sigyn and Heimdall guy." Loki looked sick to his stomach. "And then there was the underworld and this half beautiful young lady with a dark haired woman that she addressed as... Mom. Do you know these people?"
"Well, actually... Hel is my... daughter... and both Sigyn and Angrboda were my wives..." I slammed my fists harshly into the table, breaking it.
"WHAT?! YOU DIDN'T THINK TO TELL ME THAT!" I felt myself slowly lift from the ground, but my rage got the better of me. "A DAUGHTER?!"
"Actually, I had six children..." I felt my hair standup and saw the tips turn firetruck red.
"SIX?!?!?!" I felt a fire leave my hands, destroying a mirror. I saw other objects fly around in my blind rage, most nearly hitting Loki. "YOU SAID I WAS THE ONLY ONE! LOKI, YOU LIED!" I was so dumb! I almost forgot the mythology classes that I took. He was a lying, womanizer who did whatever he wanted.
"Ally! I made a deal with Hel so that you can come back with me. I wouldn't have done that with Angrboda or Sigyn... EVER! I love you too much to think about what would happen if I never saw you again!" My anger resided and I fell down into the table. Most of the room was in ruins and I was to blame. I started shaking and tears fell from my face.
"Loki, I..."
"Shh. I 'm sorry. I should have told you before we... you know..." He held me tight in his arms as he began to explain. " I grew to understand that I truly did love you and needed to be with you. I broke from the Quinjet and went straight to Hel to get you back. But I had to make a deal.... if you die, she gets to use your body. But I don't intend on you dying anytime soon..." Loki said, calmingly.
"Hel gave me powers, Loki. I'm practically a timebomb." He hugged me closer in the rubble that was once a dining area.
"But I will still love you, my angel."

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