(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

ok well, it's been two weeks since Ally came back from Hell with Loki... pretty dramatic...
If you haven't read Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story, heres a link...

ok bye!

Chapter 14

New Hope

I concluded my story, telling (most) of what happened to me during the months that they didn't see me. Clint looked happy, yet a little worried, Steve just looked happy, Bruce.... like himself, Thor was smiling, Tony was pouting, and Natasha.... damn, if looks could kill!
"So, while you were off in lala-land, the rest of us were mourning a teammate's death, one coming to work everyday, bawling his eyes out, begging for his sweet, innocent sister to come back?! If you expect me to let her off of the hook, then you are kidding yourself terribly," Natasha sneered, looking at me. Clint snapped his head and glared at her.
"Natasha, you were a double agent at one point in Russia. Now, do we want to talk about everyone's past?" he snapped at her, shutting her up immediately. You can practically feel the awkwardness in the air. Clint looked at me and handed me a piece of paper with my full name scrawled on it, elegantly. I opened it and saw that it was an invitation for the wedding of James Dean Ackler and Bethany Ann Smith. Jimmy took my advice, apparently. I smiled as I looked at the invitation, seeing that I could bring a guest. I read it over, the team and Loki staring at me. I slipped it in the front of my costume, seeing glances from some of the male members of the team and Loki.
"What? Never seen a girl do that?" I asked, laughing at them nervously.
"I still say shoot them," Natasha said, reloading her gun.
"We AREN'T going to shoot anyone!" Tony said, powering his suit down and sitting on my bed, as did Thor and Steve."So now what? Shakespeare in the park's crazy, power hungry little brother is dating the powerful, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who's an Avenger's little sister. Does that not sound wrong to anyone but myself?" he asked, getting a chuckle out of Bruce.
"Shut up, Man of Iron," Thor said, putting his hammer down and looking at me with his piercing blue eyes. "You really like my brother?" he asked me, confused. I nodded. "He is quite fond of you. I could tell, " he said, smiling. I smiled back, looking at Loki and taking his hand. "Go off and be happy," Thor said. "And we'll see the two of you at this James man's marriage," Thor said as Loki and I got up. Before I said goodbye, Loki stopped me.
"Ally, before we go, I wanted to ask you something... formally," he said, undoing my chain and kneeling to the ground. I blushed as Loki looked at Clint. He just looked at us. "Ally," he started, clearing his throat. "I haven't known you for that long, but I was wondering if you would take my hand in marriage," he concluded, holding out his ring to me.
"Loki," I said, beaming. "I've been through a lot since I first met you. Together, we've faced trials... but a wedding... that is something new for the both of us," I said, watching him slowly frown. "However, I accept," I said, watching him rise and pick me up, hugging me.
"Erm... alright, well if the pair of you will leave, S.H.I.E.L.D. can clear this up," Steve said, a small smile on his lips.
"Yes sir, Cap," I said as I walked up to Clint, embracing him. "See you soon, big brother," I said, brushing one of Clint's tears off of his face.
"Farewell, my brother. Until next month," I said, leaving with Loki.

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