(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

ok well, it's been two weeks since Ally came back from Hell with Loki... pretty dramatic...
If you haven't read Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story, heres a link...

ok bye!

Chapter 2

Meeting the family

I finally finished cleaning the mess that I made in the kitchen. Many thoughts and questions invaded my mind at once. Why do I have powers? What makes me special? Why did Loki decide to tell me about his family now? What will SIGYN do? I nearly forgot about her. She looked extremely upset and sounded pissed in my dream. She hasn't come for me yet. She could've in the two weeks that I've been here. Oh well, I thought as I glided through the hallway, using the powers that Hel gave me. This brought the biggest question of all: Why me? I stopped at Loki's door and slowly knocked on it.
"Come in," he replied to the slow, soft knock. I walked in, hair back to pure blonde, to Loki sitting on his bed. He looked terrible, like he had seen a ghost.
"What's wrong? Oh... it's me, isn't it?"
"No... it's not you. It's Sigyn. She... wants to see the new lady." His words, slowly formed, hit me with such an impact. I was almost positive that Sigyn would kill me. She WAS, in fact, the Goddess of Fidelity and his wife.
"Ally," he said, as if reading my thoughts, "Odin let me separate from her. I am no longer her husband."
"Loki, when is she coming?"
"How soon?"
"I'm not sure. She said that she wanted to see y-" As soon as he made out those words, a bright flash of light filled the room. I closed my eyes to shield them from the blinding light as forms emerged.
"Hello, Loki," a soft feminine voice spoke, one similar to the Sigyn from my dream.
"Damn," he sighed as not one figure emerged, but SEVEN figures, all stranger than the next. I recognized Hel, Sigyn, and Angrboda, but the others, I had never seen. There was an eight legged horse, a giant wolf, a humongous serpent, and a boy, bearing resemblance to Loki.
"Aren't you going to introduce us, Dad?" the teenage boy said, looking at me. Loki slapped his hand on his head.
"Ally, these are my kids. The horse is Sleipnir, my firstborn, the wolf is my secondborn, Fenrir, my thirdborn is the serpent, Jormungand, my fourth, as you know, is Hel."
"Yes I remember her," I said, interrupting Loki.
He continued, "My fifthborn couldn't make it. His name was Narfi. The Gods turned my final child, Vali, into a terrible beast that-" A tear fell from his eyes and he started to cry softly. "...that killed his brother. The women..."
"Are Angrboda, the mother of your second, third and fourth kids, and Sigyn, you wife and mother of your final two children." I couldn't look either of them in the face. I felt pathetic towards them, inferior. There was silence for a moment as we all looked at each other. "So... why are you here?" I asked, breaking the silence.
"I.... wanted to evaluate you," Sigyn said stepping forward. She looked like she had been crying terribly, for her eyes were red and her robes were damp with tears. "The children also wanted to meet you. Of course, they needed to... I've heard that you and Loki..." her voice broke and she burst into tears.
"Sigyn, we are separated. Whatever we had is over," Loki snapped at her. It may be wrong, but I felt pity for Sigyn. She was the trophy wife, she was in her element.
"Sigyn, maybe we should privately talk," I piped up, looking at her despairing face. I took her hand and we went into the hallway. "Madam Sigyn, I know why you actually came here. You wanted to see what me, this Midgardian woman, had that you didn't. How did she get my man? It's alright. I would do the same thing."
"Really?" she asked, looking at me with red, tearfilled eyes. She hugged me and burst into tears again. Ok, so I kinda stretched what I said. I may kick Loki in the kiwis, then kill the Midgardian, but I didn't want to tell her that. I heard her sniffles start to slow down as she looked back at me. "Thank you. You will make a great wife someday. Good luck with him... he's a little unfaithful..." I bowed to show my gratitude towards her. We came back in the room and felt pairs of eyes staring at us. A silence lingered for a while until...
"So..." Vali started, breaking the long silence.
"We're heading out. There are more important matters than to bug them," Sigyn said, softly. Everyone looked at her. They all expected her to set me on fire, or turn me into a bug to step on. But Sigyn held her head high and said, "Heimdall, take us home." Imediately, a flash of light blinded Loki and me as the visitors vanished. I sat on Loki's bed for a minute before he said another word.
"What did you tell her?" he asked, clearly puzzled. I smiled at him secretively.
"I'll never tell," I said, as seductively as I can. As soon as I said those words, Loki was on top of me, kissing me with such passion. Suddenly, there was a crash in the room and shards of glass falling from what was once his mirror.
"I'm sorry, Loki. These stupid powers..."
"I'm completely okay with it," he replied, hushing me with a kiss on the lips.

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