(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

(After) Life and Liars: Sequel to Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story

ok well, it's been two weeks since Ally came back from Hell with Loki... pretty dramatic...
If you haven't read Forbidden: A Loki Laufeyson Love Story, heres a link...

ok bye!

Chapter 3

Heart against Head

I went along with his kiss, but still feared about what could happen. I didn't know how to properly control my powers, I need to train with them, I need to see what I'm capable of. If I could easily break things when I'm angry or overexcited, I'm practically a bomb. Yet I didn't want this perfect moment to end. I would always remember it, but how? As that perfect moment or as that moment where we ended up with a destroyed bedroom? Damn you, mind. I stopped kissing him for a minute.
"What's wrong? It's me, isn't it..." Loki asked with a frown.
"Never, it's just... what about my new "strength"? There has to be a drawback to it..." I said, looking up into his perfect face. I got up and sat on the bed. Damn my brains, damn them to Hel. He put his arm over my shoulder, desperate for attention. I looked up and his picture frame shattered.
"Loki, I would never forgive myself if I hurt you," I started tears in my eyes. I got up, looking apologetic towards him. I started to walk out when his hand hit my shoulder.
"I survived getting smashed by the Hulk with few injuries. I think I can take your powers if they overtake your body," Loki said, looking me in the eyes.
"But what if..."
"I know that I can."
"I don't know that I can." This stopped him from going on.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, I have a bad feeling about it..."
"But I have a good feeling about it. You want to protect me, but I can handle it," he smiled seductively.
"Sometimes, I hate you, you know that," I smiled, walking back to the bed. As I sat down, Loki got up, went to a sound system, and put a playlist on. I put my lips against his, and we kissed, slowly and passionately. As the song changed, so did we as we laid down in the warm bed.
It felt like a lifetime later when we got up. Every pore was sweating as I looked around the room, amazed. There was very little damage to the room, except the top of the bed was ruined. I got up, covering myself in the thin cover to Loki's bed. I turned off the music and checked the time. 2 o'clock. Between our appointment with the family and doing the deed, we killed four hours. I suddenly grew tired as I headed back to the bed, resting in Loki's arms.
I awoke to Loki's pained screams mixed with a thunderous sound. "Loki, what's wrong?" I asked, panicked.
"It's Thor! It has to be Thor outside!" he said, frantic. I listened closely to a high pitched squeel with the sound of an explosion. I looked out of his window and saw a colorful flash of light.
"Loki, it's fireworks! Don't worry!" Geez, it's the fourth of July! I almost forgot. Hehe, Steve must be having a field day in his Captain America garb. "Let's go to the roof... after we get dressed," I said with a smile. Loki nodded and rubbed his eyes. I first ran into my room and put a bra, tshirt, underwear, and shorts on. I ran my brush through my hair, threw it on my bed, and ran to the kitchen. I looked for snacks everywhere and found some cookies that I made a few days ago and a bottle of wine. I glid back to Loki's room and found him there, stretching and fully clothed. I grabbed his hand, almost whisking him off of his feet. "Grab the radio," I said, motioning to the radio. He almost grabbed it and, as he got to it, I used my telekinesis to get it. He turned to me, smiling flirtily.
"Let's go," he said, grabbing my hand. He led me up flights of stairs, leading to the top floor. He stopped at the door and, turning the knob slowly, led me to an area with the grace of a French balcony. We sat down, found an outlet, plugged in the radio, and listened to his romantic playlist as he poured the wine and set out the cookies. I took a glass and leaned on his shoulder, looking at the fireworks. He slipped his hand into mine, kissed my forehead and said, ever so softly, "There is no one else that I would want to share this with." I laid down, head on Loki's chest, and fell asleep watching the fireworks.

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