Personality Repost


Chapter 1

"Eva" 101

by: Eva_Nara
Name: Eva Nara
Nicknames: Ev, Eva-chan, Kahoko, Kaho, etc.
Age: 15
Grade: going to 10th
B-day: October 16th
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Favorite food: Rice and beans
Least favorite food: Celery
Favorite drink: this green smoothie thing made by a company called Naked, I think. It's YUMMY! XP
Least favorite drink: Grape juice and Pepsi.
Favorite color: Blue, Yellow, & Silver.
Least favorite colors: Pink
Favorite books: The Divide books, The White Giraffe(sp?), This Boy's Life, The Most Dangerous Game, The Ology books, other.
Least favorite books: Twilight
Favorite movies: Brothers Grimm, Spirit, Madagascar 3, etc.
Least favorite movies: Twilight
Favorite tv show: almost ALL anime, Adventure Time, Psych, Criminal Minds, etc.
Height: 5"5 1/2
Weight: something.
Natural Hair color: Dark Brown
Natural Eye color: Blue, changes shade with mood and type of day
Favorite websites: Quibblo, YouTube
Possesions: cell phone, computer, anime stuff, other.
Pets: a mini schowzer(sp?) named Max.
Family members: mom, dad, aunt, big brother, little sister, little brother, baby sister
Favorite number: 16
Piercings: ears
Favorite thing about your self: Everything. :)
Least favorite thing: Nothing. :)
Other: umm... I'm really bored. Msg me if you wanna. :3

~Eva Nara


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