My final goodbyes. "For Reyna's Contest"

An ignored and hated girl was in a living hell, but once she passes shes not willing to go peacefully. She never was one to keep her anger in check. Now she will say her final goodbyes to the ones who hated her, bullied her lied to her, and took advantage of her.

The stoy starts with her alive.

hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 1

My name is ______ and heres a quick over veiw of my life.

Dear new jurnal thing,
My name is Jeniffer Raven Silvermist and I am as of today 15. I am in 8th grade. I have black hair that is perfectly straight. I have dark brown almost black eyes, and im realy pale. I emo and yes i cut. I also am considered goth because i wear almost all black. I doubt you will bother to listen to my story, no one every pays attentetion to me but then again your a book so you kinda have to. Well i like to be called Raven bcause Jeniffer is my moms name and I would rather not be named after a woman that dispises me. I have a boyfriend, his name is Johna. I'm not athletic and i'm not popular. In fact im hated. Oh well, i deal with it.
Wanna know how i ended up with you? Well I dont realy know how clear the story will be considering its 4 in the morning and I'm still confused you will acept what i give you. Well woke up to my dad watching me sleep, lil weird to the nomal people but to me it was another day. He saw i was awake and wandered off before i had a chance to talk to him. Them my wonderful mom came running in waving a book (you) and a pancake from her breakfast 6 days ago. She nicely handed me the smelly food then took two steps away then threw the book and screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LIlSLUTeNJOY THE LEFTOVER FOOD AND STUPID BOOK! Then she ran out laughing.
Well you might be wondering about my paents.
I like to think of my dad as a freaky perverted ATM. He will pay me $20 bucks if he can watch me in my sleep and now im only allowed to wear underwear to bed because i took him up on the offer. They dont allow me to get a job, and they wont buy me stuff other than you so if i want clothes i get to buy them for years i had to wear and option of 3 shirts and a mini skirt and black jeans. He works at a realy well paying job, what he does i have no idea soi pretend he is a banker when asked at school.
As for my mom. She is crazy, she stays at home and keeps the house clean and she also makes my life a living hell at home for me. She has me do most the chores while she goes through the stuff in my room. thats why you get to stay in my matress, i have a small slit in it to hide anything i dont want her to see. My dad does like her but as he once said," I'm too good to just have on woman."0 and as my mom says, "I'm not into the whole comittmet thing, but your fathers special, he lets me sleep around with the other cute guys and with him so i return the favor and look the other way when he wants some fun" So yea.. thats my parents

Well its time for me to go to school.


I close the book and stand up, as im standing i streatch my arms out in front of me. I pick out my black spirder web top and my black skirt along with my knee high black heels. I quickly brush my teeth and hair before i go to put my make up on. As im applying my last layer of mascara my alarm clock goes off, its 6:50 i should be already walking to school, around 6:55 my moms guy friend shows up, its always the same one at that time. He is around 23 and last time i saw him he tried to he me to go with him to his place. Not gonna happen.
I get up and run down the stairs grabbing my bag and sweater.

"BYE MOM! BYE DAD!" I run through the kitched and yank the door open jumpig onto the pavement in a flat out sprint. I slow down once i can't see the house and put my headphones on as i play Slow Fade by Casting Crowns.
Beep Beep! I jump at the sound of a car horn and look around wildly for the source. Then i spot it, my moms guy is sitting in his mustang honking at me as he is following me slowing with his car.

"What do you want?"

"Not much, want a ride to school honey?"

"Don't call me that, and no thanks babe i dont want to smell like your filthy car all day."

"Aww you don't have to go to school if you get in."

"Aren't you late to see my mom?"

"She is nothing compred to you. Your young, beautiful, smart, and i bet your talented in other areas."

"Thanks. but if you dont mind I'm ignorig you now." I turned up my music as i continused to walk. He fliped me off and drove of to my house.

I showed up at school before everyone else just like every day so i pulled out my note book and doodled while i waited.

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