Teen Titans: Beast boy And Raven Accidently In Love (need to read introduction or you'll be confused.)

This for my enjoyment or for you BB and Rae fans. A BB Rae fan fiction. oh also could you comment please. Oh yeah last thing this has realistic things in it. This story takes place after Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. and the episode Things Change.

Chapter 1

chapter 1: Raven+video games = ??

by: ken123
In Beast Boy's room Beast Boy is walking up in down in his room saying I love her I don't know why but I just do?!"said Beast Boy. While Cyborg was walking to his room he heard Beast Boy and automatically know who he was talking about* So Cyborg went to his room and got his camcorder and recorded Beast Boy and Raven Beast Boy is walking to Raven's room to ask her a question He's at the door and knocked on it *Raven opens her door just a crack saying, "What is it Beast Boy you interrupted me in my meditation time?"said Raven. "Um... sorry um...Raven I was wondering if you could..."said Beast Boy."No." said Raven while interrupting Beast Boy's sentence "Hey, I didn't finish my sentence."said Beast Boy. Raven signs,"Huh." "As I was saying; could you play Super Smash Bros.Brawl with me. Pl-ee-a-se?"said Beast Boy. "No." said Raven. "Pl-ee-ase?..."asked Beast Boy "...Nope" said Raven and she closes her door Beast Boy went to his room wrote a note an stock it on his for-headCyborg acts sneaky and follows Beast Boy to his room.* And runs out his door as a cute kitten to Raven's room but crashes into the wall Cyborg recorded all of that and laughed quietly Beast Boy turns into his human form, before he knocked on the door he said to himself; "I should have knocked on the door then turn into the kitten with the note on my head" he said thatwhile rubbing his head.* Beast Boy knocks on the door again Before she opened the he turned back to the kitten with the letter on his for-head* "What IS IT NOW Beast Boy!"said Raven. She looked down and saw Beast Boy "What the?" she said while making a funny/surprised face She took the note and read the note in her mind, "You know you can't resist the face, don't try to deny it." "Ok ok I'll play. Just stop the face."said Raven. Beast Boy transform into human form again saying,Really?"said Beast Boy. "Really,now come on before I change my mind." said Raven They walked down the hall to the living room Cyborg walks behind them quietly It was quiet then... *but then Beast Boy said,"Even if you changed your mind I would have did what I did again but as a puppy." said Beast Boy teasingly. Yeah but I'd just ignored you or I'd go somewhere else."said Raven "Yeah, but what if you went to the bathroom but then someone had to use the bathroom."said Beast Boy. "Well i'd get out and let them use the bathroom." said Raven But then you would see my kitten face." said Beast Boy."Too-Shay." said Raven "Hey, Beast Boy." said Raven. "Yeah."said Beast Boy. could you tell me all the controls. "Now,why would I let a new comer play without anything explaned?"said Beast Boy. They're arrived into the living room Beast Boy puts Super Smash Bros Brawl in the Wii Raven went to sit on the couch Cyborg hurried behind the couch before he gets spoted"Since I lost the Wii controller we're going to play with the game cube controlers." "I hope Cyborg doesnt know I lost the Wii controler."said Beast Boy. Cyborg said to himself "YOU LOST THE REMOTE BEAST BOY I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!" "Now for the explanation."said Beast Boy "The green A button is to punch." "The red B button is to do extra attacks." "The tiny gray button is to pause the game." "The mushroom looking piece is to jump and to move around." "You pick up objects by walking to it and pushing A button to pick it up; push the purple Z button to throw objects." When see a colorful ball floating in the air you keep hiting it into you're colorful and push B button near or far away someone that's your special." Some objects help you or your enemies."said Beast Boy Did you get everything"asked Beast Boy "Yeah,but that's alot to know I might lose all the time." Plus,your not a good player so that means I suck,badly."said Raven " Well chess has alot of rules actually to many."said Beast Boy "Too-Shay."said Raven "Ready to battle?" asked Raven in excitment. "I chose Ike!" said Beast Boy. "I chose Link."said Raven "We're only battling for 5 minuets."said Raven 5 Minuets Later... "Wow, Raven your good at this game so good it's like your a natural. I bet you could beat Cyborg."said Beast Boy "Thanks..."said Raven."Yeah right."said Cyborg in his mind "Your welcome..."said Beast Boy. Hey Beast Boy, do you know where Starfire,Robin and Cyborg are at?"asked Raven" "Yeah,Robin and Starfire are on a date and Cyborg is polishing his car." "Oh..."said Raven. "Nope. actually I'm right here."said Cyborg in his mind "Raven, could I tell you something?"asked Beast Boy. "Sure."said Raven I-I love you I have when I first met you." "But the real question is do you love me too?"said Beast Boy. Raven's heart felt like it stopped plus she was blushing Beast Boy noticed her blushing "This is getting good!" Cyborg said quietly "I love you too." "Your the kindest person I could have ever met. Even when you see someone going through tough times you still say sorry to make them fell better."said Raven." Beast Boy leaned over to kiss Raven The kiss was slow and normal That's when Cyborg jumped up and took a picture of Raven and Beast Boy kissing and ran away as fast as he could to his room. *When entered the room he said out of breath, "I better stay in here for a while so I won't get my butt kicked! When Robin and Star come back is when I'm showing them the video and picture." Beast Boy and Raven faces are like WTF! "Oh well the needed to know sooner or later."said Beast Boy a little angry. "I guess?"said Raven.

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