Risks~ A Legolas love story

Risks~ A Legolas love story

Name: Caleeanna
Looks: Tallish with a prefect figure, Extreamly beautiful, lond slightly wavy hair and vilolet eyes
Background: Princess of the Wood people, Ruler after parent death, Advanced senses, Magical, two sibling, very skilled fighter, Immortal but can be killed.

Chapter 1

First meeting

I was walking through our woods when I heard footsteps, to heavy to be one of ours, comming towards my direction. I climbed a tree and soon enough they were here. I jumped down and studied them. Two men, an elf, a dwarf, four hobbits, and a wizzard. Unusual, I kept studing them
"I know every creature who dwells here and you are not one of them." I say looking at each of them
"Who are you?' Says on of them men
"She is a Wood lady." The dwarf said
"That I am."
"I have heard the stories, we should leave or we will be dead." I chuckled
"If those stories were true you would already be dead. Wha are you doing here? Do not lie I will know." One of the hobbits steps forward holdin out his hand. I look at it and there was the ring of power, I stepped backward. "All this ring does is cause problems, We have no desire for that here, leave quickly."
"We were wondering could we spend the night to rest up?" The wizzard asked
"I guess that can be arranged." I gestured for them to follow and we were soon at my palace. We walked in and Neyha rushed up to me.
"Princess Caleeanna." She said bowing and held up my crown i bent slightly and she placed it on my head.
"Thank you Neyha." She walked away
"you are a Princess?" One of the men said
"Yeah. Nahed!"
"Yes, Princess."
"Can you show them where they will be sleeping?"
I walk into the throne room and My younger brother Jaled is there.
"Should you be making potions?"
"Should you be training?"
"I will not tell any one if you do not?"
"Fine." I look around and the fellowship of the ring was there.
"Princess!" Says a young girl running up to me "Do your flower trick" I bend down and put my hand on the ground slowly making a flower grow.
"I do not know what you are talking about." She looks sad and turns around and sees the flower and she smiles and runs away with flower in hand." I sit down next to my brother and see one of the oldest Wood people trying,unsucessfully, to light a fire. I create a fire ball and throw it at the wood pile when he wasn't looking and he looked so pleased with himself.
"I could not have done that, Thank you why don't you go home and rest." I said smiling at him, he thanked me and left. My magic trainer brings me my daily potion. "I do not want that." I said.
"Caleeanna you need it to keep your powers in check."
"Princess listen to your brother." I took the potion and went to my chamber and went to sleep.

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