Writing/Grammar Tips (Thanks to Limes14 for giving me the idea to do this)

Writing/Grammar Tips (Thanks to Limes14 for giving me the idea to do this)

Hey, everyone!! :D
So, as most of you know, I write books (which, by the way, are nowhere near done...) and I'm a perfectionist/ grammar freak. It REALLY annoys me when people make mistakes they should have learned to fix in third grade-- such as "dont" (should have an apostrophe), "your's" (should not have an apostrophe), and mixing up they're/their/there. I just read Limes14's Writing Tips, and even before I did, I was thinking about making one of these. So..... Look down!!

Chapter 1

Apostrophes: Where NOT to put them

by: Alastor_
Everyone makes mistake's sometimes. But it is okay, since we do not have spellcheck in our brain's. Our pen's cannot fix our mistakes. Blah, blah, blah....

See what I'm doing wrong there? I'm putting apostrophes in plural nouns. That is a huge no-no.

Let's take a closer look...


Cats: Plural~~/Eyes/: Plural~~/Claws/: Plural~~ Shadows: Plural

"The cats lurk in the shadows, yellow-green eyes and pale white claws gleaming in the moonlight."

Remember how you learned to make a noun plural? Just put an s at the end. (Of course, there are always words like "fly"/ "flies" and "mouse"/"mice"). This way, you're saying that there is more than one of something.

Then, you learned how to say that something belongs to someone. Like, "The girl's pencil rolled to the edge of the desk, teetered there for a moment, and dropped to the floor."
That's a perfect place to put an apostrophe-- that's where it belongs.
However, apostrophes DO NOT belong in plural nouns. Take a look at this....


Spiders: Plural~~/Bugs/: Plural~~ Plants: Plural

"Spider's kill and eat the bad bug's that harm our plant's."

See, by doing this, it looks like you are saying that there is ONE spider, and that something belongs to it. Or, it may also look like "spider's" is a contraction-- in which case, it'd be a contraction of "spider is" or "spider was". It wouldn't be right to say, "Spider is kill and eat..... blah, blah, blah." Same goes for "bug's" and "plant's".

Just one more thing for this section:
Words like "girl's", when used correctly, are not contractions. They are just indicating that something belongs to the subject (in this case, the subject is the girl.).

I understand that some of you may be confused by how I chose to explain this, so I am including a simple list-like overview of everything at the very end. Also, READ LIMES14'S WRITING TIPS!!!!!!!!!!

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