Fame (Original Story)

This is my idea, do not steal any of it please. Thanks and please enjoy!

Chapter 1


People gonna talk whether you doing bad or good, yeah
Got a drink on my mind and my mind on my money, yeah
Looking so bomb, gonna find me a honey

-Rihanna/ Cheers (Drink to that)

I sat on the couch, drinking the alcohol straight from the bottle as I watched T.V.

"Really Kai?" Austin asked as he walked into the room, holding Sattie's hand. She looked to me and her face fell when she saw the bottle in my hand.

"Kai, will you come check for monsters?" she asks me, I can hear the hope in her voice, hoping that  wasn't too drunk to stand up and fall over, because even when I was wasted, I insisted on checking for monsters in her room for her, which was when she was convinced I did a terrible job searching for any boogey men hidden away. Thankfully, I wouldn't let her down tonight. I had only began drinking.

"Sure," I say, ignoring the pointed look Austin had given me as I stood up and still held the bottle. He cleared his throat and I sighed and put it down before I followed my little sister to her room.

She jumped into bed and covered up, I tucked her in and kissed her forehead before I looked under her bed, in her closet, in her toy chest, and once more under her bed.

"All clear," I tell her. She smiles, "good night, Sattie."

"Good night Kai, love you," she says in her small voice.

"I love you too," I tell her and close her bedroom door, careful to leave it open just a crack so just a sliver of the hallway light will enter her room.

"You know it bother her when she sees you drinking," Austin said.

"Why do you think I wait until it's nearly her bedtime to start?" I retort. He sighs.

"I'm just saying you have a problem," he says.

"And I'm saying I know I do. You don't have to act like you're my brother or whatever. It isn't your problem."

"You're right, it isn't my problem, but it is when it messes with our career, Kai. Do you know how emberassing it is when I tell people the whole band will be there and you don't show up? When you have to miss concerts because you can't even remember the rythym to one of our songs, much less the lyrics," he snaps.

"Whatever," I mumble and stand up, deciding I was going to do my drinking else where. I know there's a bar just down the street.

"Where you going?" Reagan asks as I walk past him and the rest of the boys in the kitchen.

"Drinking, wanna come?" I ask with a laugh.

"I don't drink," Reagan replies quietly.

"Oh yeah I forgot, you can't handle your liquor," I say. Reagan looks away and Baxter frowns.

"Don't talk to Reag like that Kai," Baxter tells me. I shrug and walk out the door. What was the point of being in a band if all your band mates didn't want to party?

I walked down the street, the air was cold and I zipped up my sweater. I was relieved when I got to the bar as it was nice and warm.

I sat on a stool and ordered a couple shots of vodka and began watching the football game that was on the T.V. I drank the shots easily enough and felt a good buzz coming on, but that isn't good enough. I don't want to remember tonight. So I order a couple more drinks.

This is the way a rockstar like me should live, I would be stupid not to take advantage of the fame and fortune, but that's not the only thing I want to take advantage of. I see a redhead at the other end of the bar drinking alone. I smile and walk over to her.

Tonight is going to be fun.

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