Darren's 'Little' Sister

Enjoy my silly story about Kaitlyn Lynn Criss, Darren's sister. This is also a Dylan Saunders love story! Also the girls, Julia Lang and Charlotte Iverson , are JULIA FREAKIN' NORRIS (rockymay) and CHARLOTTE FREAKIN' IVERSON (tictac12)!

Chapter 1



Name: Kaitlyn Lynn Criss
Looks: Long black curly hair, light green eyes, kinda short, and has a mild tan.
Personality: Very sweet and nice, trusts people to much, loves to dance, and fights for what she believes in.
Extra info: People call her Kate or Katie. She is Darren's twin sister.

Name: Julia Lang
Looks: http://us.acidcow.com/pics/20091021/rainbow_makeup_05.jpg
Personality: Hyper, crazy, funny, caring, HATES discrimination, and a bit of a rebel.
Extra info: Nickname is Julz, has belly button piercing that she's hiding from her brother because they would kill her if they found out, and she is the Lang's sister and is a year younger then Matt.

Name: Charlotte Iverson
Looks: Light brown, wavy hair to shoulder with sidebangs, dark green eyes, pale, tall, long legs, and a big smile.
Personality: Friendly, creative, mischievious, hates stupid, self-involved people, likes to read, can be a bit naive, and sometimes acts before she thinks.
Extra info: Friends with Katie and StarKids and her nickname is Char.

"Do you really have to go?" Dylan asks.

"Yes, this movie will be the best thing that will happen to me," I tell the two boys who were with me.

Dylan Saunders was my best friend and boyfriend, we had been dating all through college so far. We both still had a year yet, but since I was going to go film a movie, I was finishing online. The other boy with me was Darren Criss, my twin brother.

"I'm going to miss you little sis!" Darren says to me. I roll my eyes at his comment.

"Just because you were born first doesn't mean I'm your 'little sister.'" I tell him.

"Sure it does!" Darren say. Dylan was sitting there, chuckling at our conversation.

We sat at the coffee shop, enjoying the little time we still had together.

"Do you remember when we did A Very Potter Musical?" Darren asks.

"How could I not Harry and Dumbledore?" I ask.

"Well we couldn't have done it without the choreographer!" Dylan says. I smile at him. Darren had alway been the singer, I had always been the dancer.

"What is the movie called again that you will be in?" Dylan asks.

"Gone in the Mist," I tell him.

"Who do you play?" Darren asks.

"Mallory Vixen," I say.

"You'll do great!" Dylan encourages, I smile and give him a sweet little kiss.

"Not at the table!" Darren complains.

"BLAH!" I yell at Darren.

"BLAH!" Darren yells at me. We always did that when we got annoyed at each other.

"How about the time we had that party and we got Darren kissing ugly Sally?" Dylan say, laughing while saying it.

"That was hilarious!" I say.

"I was drunk!" Darren exclaims.

"Yeah we know, you've told us a million times!" I roll my eyes.

"What about when I pushed you two into the pool?" Darren smirks.

"Yeah, but then we pulled you in!" Dylan returns the smirk.

"So lil' sis, what time is it?" Darren asks.

I sigh as I check my watch. 11:30, 15 minutes until my plane left.

"We should probably go to my section, my plane leaves in 15 minutes," I say getting up.

The two follow to my section.

"Well, I guess this is it," I say, tears swelling in my eyes.

"I'm going to miss you!" Darren tells me, giving me a hug.

"I'll miss you too!" I say, returning the hug. I look at Dylan then.

"I'm really, really going to miss you!" I tell him.

"I'm really, really going to miss you too!" He tells me. I give him a rather big hug.

"I love you," He whispers in my ear.

"I love you too," I tell him.

"Now boarding flight A22," The announcer says.

"Bye guys," I say giving them each a last hug. I give Dylan a long, sweet kiss goodbye. Our lips part.

"I love you guys," I tell them.

"We love you too," They said together.

I begin boarding my flight. I wave one last goodbye and head on my plane.

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